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Well, here it goes. *deep breath* *quick fix of the hair* Hey there! I’m Molly and this is See Molly Blog. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, blog that is, but like a lot of things in life that scare me, I talked myself out of it.


I’ve followed numerous blogs for years, my routine consists of plopping in bed with my iPad and checking them religiously every morning (and constantly throughout the day), and I always thought to myself, “I should give that a try”. After all, I adore writing. I’ve always felt that I was better at expressing myself via written word than spoken…I can be a bit awkward and fumbly in person. In addition to my love of writing, I adore fashion. I love expressing myself through fashion and trying new things via various trends and clothing pieces (I can’t say my wallet always loves it, but a girl’s gotta have options, ya know!?) Finally, I love connecting with other people who share the same interests. It amazes me that this large world we live in is made so much smaller by the internet. Therefore, a fashion and lifestyle blog just seemed to make sense.

I guess this text serves as proof that I’ve finally mustered up the courage to do something I’ve always wanted *cue dramatic music* See Molly Blog will be a place for me to share some of myself with you via fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts. See Molly Blog also marks the start of me saying “yes” to more things in life that scare me. I know what you’re thinking, “How scary can blogging really be?!” Pretty scary, if you ask me, well the old me. As a pretty hardcore people pleaser and perfectionist, I kept myself from taking the blogging leap because I was afraid I wouldn’t have good content. I was afraid my pictures wouldn’t be professional enough. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with up it. Essentially, I was afraid of failure. And while I’m still afraid that this humble page may only reach 3 people (my mom and sister are included in that count), I’ m not afraid of failing. Failing comes from not trying at all. If my blog generates 20 followers (seriously, that would be exciting) or 2,000 (that would be beyond exciting) I’ll be no less proud of it, and of myself. I’ll know that instead of sitting around wishing and what-iffing, I’ve actually taken the leap to give something new a try. I invite you to do the same.

Wear that daring dress at the back of your closet. Talk to him first. Heck, ask him out first! (It worked for me) Eat a sprinkle donut, eat two! Take a week off from work to travel somewhere unexpected. I invite you to dare yourself to do the things you’ve always wanted, and I invite you to make yourself comfy, stay awhile, and well…See Molly Blog!


  1. Teddy V | 23rd Sep 15

    I’m proud of you, babe 🙂

    • seemollyblog | 30th Sep 15

      Thanks, babe! Your support has meant the world to me.

  2. Bridget | 29th Sep 15

    So proud of you sis for launching your blog! Can’t wait to see where it leads:) I’m behind you 100%

    • seemollyblog | 30th Sep 15

      Thanks so much, sis! Thanks for all your effort in helping me with this endeavor. As always, you’re the best and most supportive big sister a girl could ever ask for!

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