The Happiest Place on Earth


 Well, the time has come and I may as well make this confession sooner rather than later, *dramatic pause, deep breath* I’m Molly and I’m addicted to all things Disney. Whew! Feels good to have that off my chest. Now, if you know me personally, then you know that this love of Disney is nothing new, although it has grown and evolved over time.


As a child, I can seriously remember watching Beauty and the Beast every day for months straight and recruiting my seamstress of an aunt to make me various princess costumes to wear around the house. I can also remember answering the age old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with a matter of fact, “A Disney princess” (I vividly remember being in high school and telling a substitute math teacher who was curious about my Disney princess pencil case that I wanted to be Belle…you know like, in Disney World) I portrayed Cinderella in my high school’s musical as a junior and even now as an adult, I have a second job working for a party company portraying classic Disney characters at children’s birthday parties (see! I did grow up to be a princess…take that childhood haters!)


There is just something about Disney and the Disney World parks in Florida that touches my heart so deeply (I’m sure Disneyland is beyond amazing since it’s the original and all, I’ve just never been. Yet) Walking down Main Street USA feels so nostalgic and magical and I swear I fight back tears every time I set foot in Magic Kingdom and see Cinderella’s castle emerge from behind the silhouettes of shops and bakeries (…or maybe it’s just those Florida allergies. Yeah! Allergies! We’ll go with that)

As a Disney-a-holic, I’m so excited to announce I’ll be MIA for a week while I celebrate graduating with my masters in the happiest place on earth (yes, a trip to Disney is how this oh, so mature adult wanted to celebrate that educational milestone) In fact, as you’re reading this I’m probably awkwardly making my way through security (a person with little to no coordination plus a suitcase on wheels is just asking for disaster…or comedy), or already in the air squeezing my mom’s hand because let’s be real, take off is pretty scary! (Just smile and nod to make me feel better) Of course, I do feel a bit rude starting my blog so close to my leaving for a vacation BUT! I have some pre-planned posts to keep you entertained in my absence. Also, I can assure you I’ll be taking an unhealthy amount of pictures (feel free to follow along on Instagram but be warned there will much vacation spam) and telling you all about it when I return! Until then, have a magical week


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