A Weekend at Notre Dame

“And there’s a magic in the sound of their name, here come the Irish of Notre Dame”

 Ah, Fall! While not quite as awesome as summer (hands down my favorite season), fall is definitely clutch. Fall means bonfires, plaid button-ups, leggings, (seriously girls, what did we wear before leggings and yoga pants!?) riding boots, pumpkin flavored stuff, (confession: I have yet to try a pumpkin spiced latte *collective gasp*) gorgeous changes in scenery, and most importantly football. Yes, football. I’m a fan of all football and often find myself watching pre-season NFL games or old college classic game re-plays on various sports channels before the season officially starts (when you’ve been deprived of football for months, anything will do!), but Notre Dame football has and always will be my number one.


I’m pretty sure, no I’m positive, my fandom was decided even before I was born (Thanks for raising me right, mom and dad). I can remember my dad making sure we were home on Saturday afternoons so he didn’t miss the game, because you know DVR wasn’t always a thing, and I can remember my older sister crying if Notre Dame lost. I quickly developed a love for the Irish, memorizing all the players and their numbers and learning the traditions and legends that go along with the storied Notre Dame football program.

Even now, people know not to expect me to hang out on Saturdays during the season because helllllooooo! Notre Dame is on (I mean we could hang out, but chances are I’d just be on my phone constantly checking the score and pacing back and forth nervously)



This past Saturday, I had the honor of taking Ted to his very first Notre Dame game. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to show him around campus (We hit most of the high points, but I admittedly left a couple things out so we have the perfect excuse to go to a game next season). Game day in South Bend is always electric, but this past weekend the Irish took on their rivals from USC, so the atmosphere was particularly awesome.

Even if you don’t love Notre Dame, heck even if you don’t love football but you really enjoy another sport, I think you can appreciate wanting to show your team spirit. Dressing for game day is one of my favorite things to do. I’m proud to be a Notre Dame fan and I love expressing that through my outfit choices on Saturdays. Whether it is an official team jersey, a Notre Dame t-shirt, or just an outfit made up of pieces that represent team colors, I like making it clear whom I’m rooting for and I love having fun with it!

To be clear, Ted isn’t really a Notre Dame fan. He is always hoping they win for my sake, but he is nowhere near my level of dedication. I made sure however, that he had the appropriate attire for our trip to South Bend. Allow me to se the scene. This past Saturday in South Bend was  cold and windy. By cold I mean, see-your-breath cold or, in my case, two pair of leggings and hand-warmers-stuffed-in-my-gloves cold. So, the weather made it a little difficult to want to wear anything but 100 layers and a giant puffer coat on top. Despite the weather, I thought Ted really looked the part of a loyal Notre Dame fan. Heck! Someone even asked if we went there #convincing







Ted opted for a Notre Dame sweatshirt (borrowed from a friend at work *shoutout to Doug*) with a cognac leather jacket, plaid scarf, and some neon green shoes for a pop of color. I, on the other hand, opted for two pair of black leggings, yes two, tucked into some dark brown riding boots (with super warm fuzzy socks inside) and a Notre Dame sweatshirt on top. I tried to add a bit of Molly flair by at least wearing a necklace to help elevate the sweatshirt a bit!  As the game neared closer and it grew colder, Ted and I decided we may need a couple extra accessories to keep us warm during the game. Ted ended up with a Notre Dame hat and I ended up with a giant blanket for the two of us to share. (And we both ended up with hot beverages right after we found our seats!)



Notre Dame v. USC was a night game, and Ted and I arrived to campus around 11AM. Despite the long, cold day, we had an amazing time! We saw lots of classic Notre Dame landmarks, tailgated with some awesome friends, and after some frustrating defensive struggles, saw a win! Honestly, the trip was about a lot more than football. It was about sharing something so special and close to my heart with someone so special and close to my heart. It was a day I’ll never forget and an experience I hope to repeat with Ted next season…maybe earlier in the season so we can shed a few layers!






















  1. Beth Beebe | 20th Oct 15

    Fun times

  2. Bridget | 20th Oct 15

    I love the pictures!!

  3. Erin | 21st Oct 15

    Someday again I will make it back to South Bend to cheer on the Irish!!! Thanks to you and your family for always inspiring me to love the Fighting Irish just as much as the rest of you.

    P.S. You and Teddy look fantastic!!!

  4. Janice | 23rd Oct 15

    Great pictures! Definitely an exciting event for both of you. Why is it that I’m the one who ended up with a cold (watching in the comfort of my home) and you two are none the worse for wear?!

    • seemollyblog | 26th Oct 15

      It was a great time! That doesn’t seem fair, now does it!?

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