Arm Party

Some things in life are constant and predictable. Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, the number 3 comes after the number 2, the sun sets in the west, and regardless of how many times you watch the movie or yell passionately for them to “TAKE TURNS!”, Jack never survives at the end of Titanic (really though, there was plenty of room on that door #justsaying).

Let me introduce you to something else extremely predictable: Molly wearing an over-abundance of gold jewelry (and most all of it on my left arm). I can’t help it! I’ve tried to switch to team silver, and I’ve tried to limit the amount of bling I sport, but I always end up with enough jewelry for three (I’m willing to share!) I guess my thought process is something like this: I like this bracelet and this watch and these bangles and these rings, but which should I wear today? Hey! Why not wear them all together!? And that’s what I end up doing (That and making a lot of noise when I move my arm).


Watches: Michael Kors Runway and Parker, Pave Link Bracelet: J. Crew, Bangles: Alex and Ani, Gold Spike Cluster Bracelet: Stella and Dot Renegade 


I just really believe that a few, or way too many, accessories can elevate any outfit to the next level and it really is a balancing act. If I don’t wear a necklace, I feel as though I can wear a more blingtastic arm party (yes, I just used blingtastic in a sentence). Typically if I wear a statement necklace, I back off on the bracelets. See? Balancing act.

My go to stack always includes a watch, which I do actually use for checking the time (so old school, am I right!?), a sparkly chain link bracelet, and a whole bunch of Alex and Ani bracelets. This has however, been my go to stack for so long that I’m feeling like I need to switch it up a bit (I’m a creature of habit, what can I say!) It’s not outfit and or accessory repeating if it’s a signature, right!?










  1. Beth Beebe | 20th Oct 15

    Love it- You are giving me some great ideas.

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