Fall Nail Colors

You know those little things in life that are the perfect pick me up? An ice cold drink on a super hot day, a good work-out (you know, the ones that leave you looking and smelling super gross, but feeling super invincible), a piece of chocolate…or the entire box. I would definitely chalk up “a fresh manicure” under the same category. Something about newly painted nails just makes me feel like I can take on the world. (Confession: When I’ve just painted my nails, I purposely hold my hands and gesture in ways that show them off. I can’t be the only one!)


Picking a nail polish color can be really difficult and time consuming. What if it doesn’t look good with the outfits you’re going to be wearing that week?! Nude is always a safe choice, but red is so bold! White is really fresh, though…but that neon! How cheeky! You can relate, right!?

Now, admittedly I’m one of those people who reaches for dark nail polishes all year long, even the middle of summer (my usual equation is: black and dark browns  > pinks and reds) I just find dark nail polishes to be so chic, and I think they look good on a long or a short nail. However, once fall hits it’s like I’m allowed and expected to wear dark colors and I take full advantage.


Today I wanted to share with you my top 3 nail polish picks for this fall. In no particular order they are (I feel like that was a very host-of-some-sort-of-beauty-pageant thing to say)

1) OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: This is arguably OPI’s most famous color and by far one of the most reached for in my collection. Lincoln Park After Dark is a dark purple that is almost black by the time you apply a few coats. There is something about this vampy polish that makes me feel super sexy and on trend.

DSC_15432) Essie Stylenomics: This polish is actually from a fall collection that Essie released a few years ago and I’m still obsessed. It’s similar to Lincoln Park After Dark in that it looks black in passing, but a closer look reveals its true dark emerald hue.

DSC_15573) Essie Bahama Mama: With a name like Bahama Mama you wouldn’t think this polish would be super fall appropriate, but this burgundy shade is more than wearable for the season. I love it because it’s the perfect deviation from a red nail which is totally classic, but sometimes overdone. Try this polish if you want to switch it up!

DSC_1541Random suggestion: I know the whole painting-one-of-your-nails-a-different-color thing is sort of out of vogue now, but I’m always for a little extra flair! I think pairing any of these polishes with a single sparkle nail on both hands just elevates the look. And so what if it’s last season? You rock that sparkle nail! I usually paint my ring finger with one coat of whatever polish I’m using, allow it to dry for a little bit, and then add a coat or two of glitter polish on top. I always used gold glitter, but silver would look just as fab!






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