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    Confession: I still live at home with parents. I say “confession” like it’s an embarrassing thing to admit, but I don’t mind it one bit! It’s financially better for me at this point in my life and I happen to kind of, sort love my parental units a lot (No, mom and dad, I don’t want anything! I’m just being honest!)  My boyfriend Ted, however, has his own place. I guess you could say I’m there a bit, you know, here and there. Okay, okay! I’m over there a lot! (What can I say? I love the guy!…that and I don’t quite trust him to keep the place clean all by himself)

I feel spoiled having the security of living at home with my parents but still being able to get a taste of living on my own when I visit Ted. We are usually pretty content sitting on the couch watching TV together (there a few shows we DVR and watch together…probably not the popular series you’re thinking of, I’m talking Property Brothers and Beat Bobby Flay) and going grocery shopping (I’m a huge fan of any type of shopping, the grocery variety included!), but sometimes we do like our alone time to do the things we enjoy. I think it’s healthy in any relationship to be able to stand apart from one another and do things separate from that other person. Everyone needs “me” time and Ted and I are totally supportive of each other’s “me” time!

For instance, Ted likes to play Xbox and well, that’s not really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, if I were any good I’d be right there playing Halo with him, but I definitely didn’t get the gamer genes (Pro tip: Just button mash and pretend you know what you’re doing) I like to spend my free time doing other things like painting my nails, looking up recipes (that I have yet to try!), reading zillions of fashion blogs, and well…working on posts for my own! The only problem is that because I still live at home and all my stuff is there, I don’t always have a lot of things at Ted’s house to keep me occupied while he’s having his “me” time.

Enter super clutch and thoughtful boyfriend with an awesome solution! Ted has two spare bedrooms that he has yet to furnish so he decided to let me have the smaller of the two as a sort of office for all my things. Okay, okay, so I’m calling it an “office” to make it sound more official and professional but we both just refer to is as the “Molly Room” because it’s going to serve many purposes. It’s going to have a space for a computer so I can blog and internet surf and such, but it’s also going to have a vanity so that I don’t have to leave all my makeup products cluttering up his sink #winwin

Before: An empty corner of the yet to be decorated “Molly Room”

So far, I’ve got the more office part of the “Molly Room” off to a good start! I went Targeting (that’s a verb right? To shop at Target; to Target? I’m going with it!) and, like most trips to Target, went in with the intention of just looking, and ended up doing a lot more than just look. You know how it goes! I saw a desk that was cute and a chair that went well with it and one thing led to another and I was the proud owner of a desk, a chair, a furry blanket to drape over the chair (TOTALLY necessary!), a lamp, one of those boards you tuck pictures and papers into, and a spikey sea-urchin looking thing to decorate my desk. Let me just say, purchasing all of this on a whim was SOOOO not me! I’m a thoughtful planner that hardly does anything on a whim, so I was weirdly proud of myself for committing so quickly and picking all of that out in one day! (My wallet…eh, not so much!)

After: BAM! A desk and stuff!



Totally looks like a sea urchin, right!?



I know what you’re thinking, and YES! that wall color is on its way out. I’m thinking a grey or a dark blue grey. Let me point out just how far outside of my comfort zone I’m going not just making the entire room white. Way outside. Like, that time Elle Woods was the only person in costume at that party…that’s how far outside. I just decided that maybe a darker room furnished with some richly colored pieces would be calming, but I would be lying if I don’t get a little jealous looking at all the pretty pins of clean white offices and sleek white vanities. Try new things, Molly! Deep breathes!

You’re also probably noticing the bar cart and bookshelf that weren’t mentioned as purchases during the first shopping trip. Well, when you got to Target once and find a bunch of cute stuff, you go back for more! #nobrainer I was trying to think of other things I could get to round out the office portion of my room. I decided I’d need some storage next to my desk so, hello bookshelf, and then an even more brilliant idea hit me;  A coffee corner! I’ve recently become dependent on coffee to keep me going (I blame you, third shift!) and since Ted doesn’t drink it, I figured why clutter the kitchen with a bunch of coffee stuff (you’re welcome, Ted!) when I can keep it conveniently next to my desk! Oh, and when you buy supplies for a coffee cart, 6 mugs are an implied investment! (They were on sale! I’m weak. So weak)

Bar cart? Nah! Coffee corner.


Totally using these super cute candle holders for creamer and sugar instead



I will continue to update you on the progress of the “Molly Room” and I can’t wait for you to see the finished results! The next step is going to be painting sometime next week. Stay tuned!

Until then, if you’re interested in any of the items pictured above, shop these links!

Desk, ChairBar Cart, Book Shelf, Memory Board,                                                                                     Coffee MakerFurry Throw, Lamp Base, Lamp Shade


  1. Beth Beebe | 30th Oct 15

    I love love love this. I love the way you decorated this and the coffee corner what a great idea. You are adorable and so fun- keep up all the great work. Great selections- great taste- great gal that is Molly.

  2. Amy Brauch | 30th Oct 15

    I LOVE this! Whenever I move out you HAVE to be my personal decorator lol. Keep up the awesome creativity!

    • seemollyblog | 30th Oct 15

      I’d love to help out/give you some tips! I absolutely LOVE decorating and creating little spaces that are not only functional, but have fun little personal touches.

  3. Teddy V | 30th Oct 15

    You should take a picture of all the empty boxes that have conveniently been left in the adjacent room 😉

    • seemollyblog | 31st Oct 15

      Oops!? 🙂 You know what would appreciate all those empty boxes…a puppy!

  4. Janice | 1st Nov 15

    Molly, you continue to bring style, charm, and calm into Ted’s house. Can’t wait to see the paint job!

    • seemollyblog | 2nd Nov 15

      It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! Kidding, of course 🙂 I can’t wait to show you! You’ll have to see in person once it’s all put together and painted!

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