Pumpkin Painting

So, the pumpkins in this post may look a bit familiar. I decided to give the pumpkins from my fall nail polish post a bit of a make-over! Those pumpkins served as the canvas for a little fall art project I did a couple days ago. (Talk about reusing resources, huh!?) I absolutely love pumpkins! Big ones, tiny ones, those cute ones that are taller than they are round…something about them just softens my heart and makes me a little more tolerant of the shortening days and the cooler temperatures.


Pumpkins really don’t need any help to be cute or festive, but I had seen a lot of Instagram posts and pinterest ideas that inspired me to do some pumpkin painting! I know that carving pumpkins is the more traditional route, but I’m hoping to do that as it gets a bit closer to Halloween so the pumpkins don’t rot out before then (…that and I’m the self-proclaimed worst pumpkin carver. EVER. I have great ideas, but awful execution. How can anyone work with those little saw things!? Maybe this year will be my year!) Also, as the daughter of a former art teacher, we totally had all the supplies for painting just lying around the house!


If you know me, my paint color choices will come as no surprise: metallic gold and black (if you guessed pink, just know I highly considered it!) I love the combination of black and gold and I thought it would work well on the white pumpkins (My mom picked out the pumpkins from a little harvest fair in Indiana. She explained that the orange ones were really picked over and that the white ones were our best option). We’ve never decorated with white pumpkins before, but I really loved how they worked for painting. It’s a lot easier to paint a white surface than a burnt orange one!


Now, I didn’t get too crazy with my designs. I painted the stems of each pumpkin and then did one in polka dots (I used the paint cap dipped in paint as a rough guide for the polka dots), one in solid gold, and one with a wobbly handed cursive “Boo” written on it (writing on pumpkins in paint is a LOT harder than you may think). While I didn’t creatively over-exert myself, I was really happy with the results! I hadn’t really painted pumpkins before so I just wanted to see how a few simple designs would turn out. My polka dots aren’t perfectly round and my “Boo” is definitely a bit sloppy, but I like that they look organic and hand-made! I think some glitter could have elevated the stems to the next level, though *mental note for next time*










I definitely think, no I KNOW, there will be a next time! I’ll be painting more pumpkins this season and maybe trying some of these ideas below! I may even use some of these ideas on fake, plastic pumpkins so that I can use them year after year!

Other no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas:


Patterned Tape

Decoupage (Ummm…how unique!)

Gems and Rhinestones

Chalk Board Paint (Why didn’t I think of this?!)

Festive Football

Monogrammed (TOTALLY doing this with a re-useable pumpkin!)

Mini Donut Pumpkins (This is also happening once I pick up some mini pumpkins! #toocuteforwords)



  1. Erin | 9th Oct 15

    Hehehe I love fall and especially the month of October.

    Last year was the first time my Hubby ever carved a pumpkin. Hehehe seriously he did a fantastic job. I have the early stages of him carving the pumpkin somewhere on my phone.

  2. Beth Beebe | 9th Oct 15

    I absolutely love this idea. It is so fun and creative. I am really really enjoying your Blog. Great job Molly! You are awesome!

    • seemollyblog | 9th Oct 15

      You are the sweetest! I’m so, so glad your enjoying my blog 🙂 I’m having too much fun with it!

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