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Weddings are so my type of event! They are a celebration of two people in love (I’m a total romantic so I find people in love absolutely adorable!), they bring family and friends together, they often times have great food and drinks, and they are the perfect excuse to get glammed up! I don’t know about you but what’s not to love!? (…except maybe the fact I always end up crying when I tell myself I won’t, but that’s why waterproof mascara was invented)

I’ve actually had quite a few weddings this year which has been super fun for me, especially from a fashion stand point. This weekend I attended the wedding of Ted’s brother, Alex (Ted is my boyfriend, but I figured we’re all close enough now that I can just refer to him as Ted from here on out) I was extra excited for this wedding because I have grown to know Ted’s brother and his fiancée, Sam, pretty well and was really looking forward to sharing in their special day. It gets better, though. Ted was the best man so I also got to see him in a tux. Swoon! Ladies, can we all agree that any handsome man looks just that much better in a tux!? Yes? Yes.




I was also very excited about what I would be wearing (Ted-approved I might add!) In fact, Ted actually requested that I wear this particular gown to his brother’s wedding after he saw me wear it for a wedding earlier this year. Now, normally I wouldn’t want to wear the same gown twice during the same wedding season. However, I knew these weddings wouldn’t have any of the same people attending and well; I just really love this gown and how I feel in it! (Bonus: Ted likes it, too…how could I not wear it!?)


The gown is navy blue, floor length, one shoulder, has a train (yes, a train that trails behind you all dramatic and regal-like…until someone steps on it and you almost trip) and embellished with gold beading and sequins along the waistline which continues around to the back and onto the strap. But, wait! There’s more. As if the dress isn’t pretty enough from the front, the back is where it really gets interesting. The gown has a large cut-out in the back which also exposes just enough of your side and ribcage.






When I first saw it hanging up in the department store, I wasn’t sure how it was going to look on. Funny story: once I got it into the dressing room, I couldn’t even figure out how to get it on! It took me at least 4 tries to stick my head and arm through the correct openings (One of the many times I’ve actually laughed out loud at myself!) Once I had it on correctly though, I knew I had to have it. It was so regal, but also showed just the right amount of skin to make it avant- garde and sexy. And the true measure of any clothing item? How confident it makes you feel, and let me tell you, in this dress I feel as though I could do almost anything!




I kept the accessories to a bare minimum so the dress could speak for itself. I didn’t wear any bracelets, necklaces, or rings. I decided on a pair of gold earrings to compliment the embellishment on the dress and a pair of embellished gladiator sandals. Now, bear with me because I know what you’re thinking, SANDALS!? Yes, sandals. The one drawback of this dress is the length. It is long, but not long enough to wear with heels (I tried wearing a pair of nude pumps with it and they stuck out the bottom of the dress, which I wasn’t a fan of) The sandals, because they are flat, allow the dress to still skim the floor as you walk. Plus, I really felt as though these sandals sort of played into the whole Greek goddess vibe the dress gives off and I’d hate to compromise looking like a goddess, you know?




Congratulations, Alex and Sam! Wishing you the happiest of happily ever afters!



  1. Beth Beebe | 12th Oct 15

    Love the dress, the shoes, the earrings. Great look.

  2. Janice Villari | 12th Oct 15

    Molly, you were stunning! You and Ted were glam!

    • seemollyblog | 13th Oct 15

      Best compliment ever! You looked gorgeous 🙂 It was such a beautiful wedding and Ted and I had a wonderful time!

  3. Erin | 13th Oct 15

    You are goregeous Miss Molly and wow what a catch Mr. Ted V. is…wait he is.even luckier to have a woman like you in his life.

    ::Hugs:: Erin

    • seemollyblog | 13th Oct 15

      I’m the luckiest!

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