The Friday Five 11.20.15


I was a total outlaw and snuck candy into the movie theater (Fun fact: French Chews are made in Cincinnati! I was supporting my hometown, officer!)


I love getting my monthly magazine subscriptions, but all the fun holiday catalogues making their way into my mailbox is like glitter icing on the cake! (Glitter icing is a thing, right!?)


My cousin was super clutch and gifted me this free sample she received. My dry wintery skin thanks you more times than I can count!


Just when you thought Kate Spade couldn’t get any cuter, you see how online orders come packaged! I can’t wait to wrap up the gifts I bought!


Opening my planner and knowing I have something fun planned, and an excuse to dress cute and take hours getting ready, always makes me smile


  1. Beth Beebe | 21st Nov 15

    fun times

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