The Friday Five 11.27.15

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is still in a turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie coma! I had an amazing Thanksgiving with Ted’s family and, by the time this is posted, will have already been amongst those crazy people that go shopping on Thanksgiving night (thank goodness for coffee and the “schedule post” feature, am I right!?) To everyone braving the crowds for blockbuster deals today, I hope you come out on the other side in one piece and with arms full of amazing, and extremely discounted, merchandise! And to those of you who rather just avoid all of the madness and stay at home, I hope you have a most relaxing day. Cozy up, microwave some leftovers, and enjoy this week’s Friday Five!


1. Ted’s parents got a new puppy and I knew this cutie would be the first of this week’s Friday Five. I mean…look at that face! Everyone, meet Rosie! I couldn’t narrow it down to one picture so, here’s a couple of Rosie being absolutely too cute for words!



Can we all agree that a cute guy looks that much cuter holding a cute puppy!? I catch myself looking at this picture all the time.


Okay, okay! Moving on. (Have no fear! I have a feeling Rosie will make another appearance very soon!)


2. Disney mail! Anyone who has taken a Disney vacation knows the magical feeling of finding these pamphlets and postcards in your mailbox. I can’t wait to return to one of my most favorite places for my birthday in February! (And this time, I’m bringing Ted!)


3. My favorite ice cream for dinner, courtesy of my sister


4. I helped my nephew build a bear¬†dinosaur at the Build a Bear Workshop! Yes, this dinosaur is a Bengals fan and yes, he was named after Tyler Eifert #logic (not included in the Friday Five is Build a Bear’s strange lighting)


5. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I convinced Ted to let me start decorating a bit and I couldn’t be happier! (There will probably be an entire decorating post sooner rather than later so…stay tuned!)



  1. Janice | 28th Nov 15

    Rosie just LOVES bonding with you and Ted! She’d really love it about 3:00AM every morning-ha, ha.

    • seemollyblog | 28th Nov 15

      Maybe she can spend the night at Ted’s sometime!

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