Throw Back Thursday

“Throwback Thursday”, or #tbt as it is often abbreviated, is sort of becoming so totally last year, I know, I know! Bear with me. I was uploading pictures for a blog post and realized just how many pictures I have on my computer (“just how many” is a number in the thousands) and that I could probably delete some (“some” is a number way less than a number in the thousands)

I have a MAJOR problem deleting pictures. I am such a visual person and I love pictures. I’m always taking them. Yes, I’m probably the person a table over from you at the restaurant frantically grabbing everyone’s forks and telling them to “Wait a minute! Don’t take a bite!” when dessert comes because I want a picture first. I just like to remember things, and I find pictures to be a great way of capturing memories. (I know what you’re asking yourself, “…and why do you need to remember the cheesecake you ate on vacation?” and I honestly don’t have a great answer. I just like looking back at the little things.)


Peanut butter pie from a post Easter mass meal that hardly made it around the table by the time my dad and I got ahold of it


From an ice cream date with my dad


Sometimes, I can’t help but take a bite!

I also just really enjoy staging, and rendering aesthetically pleasing images. I mean, that’s partially what drew me to want to blog, and why I’m obsessed with Instagram (yes, it’s sadly probably crossed into obsession at this point) I can be honest with myself and admit that a lot of social media serves to validate us. It gets to be a numbers game; I have this many followers and this many likes. However, if you’re doing anything in life solely for validation, recognition, money, or anything that’s not because you truly, genuinely love it, then I think we can all agree it doesn’t last long. My point? I do genuinely love taking pictures to post on Instagram and creating content for my blog (even if I can’t do it as often I like)


My favorite color combo: black, white, and gold


A flat lay of some makeup necessities I picked up a couple months ago


I was really proud of my gold desk accessories

I’m not sure what it is about photography, but I like using it to express myself. I like arranging things just so, and placing them on a specific surface or in front of a certain background to get just the image I have in my head. And it can be anything. My nails, flowers I see on walk, my outfit, makeup products, food, you name it! I used to rely on my iPhone camera a whole lot more, but since Ted got me a DSLR as a yay-you’re actually-starting-your-blog-and-not-just-talking-about-it gift, I’ve been playing around with that a lot lately and I’m LOVING it.

Bottom line: I did manage to sort through a majority of the pictures saved on my desk top and organize them into folders and events and even delete some! *gasp* As I was going through them however, I thought I could pick a random compilation to put into a throwback post because what good are memories if you have no one to share them with, right!? So, below are some of the images that made me smile a little extra when I saw them.


A summer at the pool with my nephew (who stole my heart the minute I held him)


When I got to touch “the sign”. Notre Dame fans, you feel me on this one.


A picture my dad took on one of our many nature walks. “A” for effort, dad!


I threw some elbows to get my jersey signed by Tyler Eifert


The best Christmas present that year. A puzzle I used to put together and play with at my grandpa’s house that my sister kept for me.


When I hand’t found the love of my life yet and I told my mom this $9.99 rhino would have to do


That silly nephew of mine hard at work and looking very perplexed by the keyboard


The treasures I received from all the little girls at the first Cinderella party I worked


The ice cream I ordered the fateful day my sister convinced me to hang out with Ted because she thought we would “click”.


An empty grotto. My favorite place on Notre Dame’s campus.


With my favorite princess on a Disney vacation I took with my mom


I was just about to snap a picture of my sister’s birthday cake when a hungry little nephew snuck his finger in to test the icing.


One of the sketchy places I convinced my mom to go and take outfit pictures because there was graffiti on the wall. I owe you, mom!


That one time my dad said I could drive his Corvette (it’s in park because I wouldn’t take a picture while driving #safetyfirst)


The birthday balloon that lasted weeks


Hanging out with my favorite ice queen


Pressing my nose against the window like an excited child as our pool was being dug


A thoughtful reminded from Ted (I’m VERY forgetful!)


A good hair day


A surprise I tried to pull off for Ted (My asking if he was home from work yet like, seven times probably ruined it a bit)


Not that long ago at the grocery store when I begged my mom for a stuffed panda…or four #adultlife


  1. Bridget | 20th Nov 15

    One of my favorites! Love the pictures!

  2. Beth Beebe | 21st Nov 15

    Really enjoyed these great memories. You are so fun. Love your creativity too.

    • seemollyblog | 21st Nov 15

      Thanks! I love looking back at pictures 🙂

  3. Janice | 23rd Nov 15

    Great pictures! The Graeters is a big winner!

  4. Karissa | 24th Nov 15

    I absolutely love your blog Molly! It is beautiful, sparkly, and adorable just like you! Keep up the great work darling! <3

    P.S. This post was my favorite!!

    • seemollyblog | 25th Nov 15

      Karissa, thank you so very much for your sweet comment! I’m having so much fun with this new blogging endeavor and I’m glad you’re along for the ride 🙂

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