5 Holiday Wrapping Tips and Tricks

I think I have mentioned my passion for wrapping gifts before but in case I haven’t, I love wrapping gifts. Love it. I just think it’s so fun not only to give gifts (I consider myself a competitive gift giver because I’m always try to one up myself and pick out a more perfect gift than the previous year…I’m telling you! I take Christmas and birthdays and such very seriously) but to also wrap them up in a super pretty and eye-catching way. Now I know that wrapping gifts can be sort of intimidating: crisp edges, and perfect bows, and pretty paper, oh my! But no worries! I have compiled a list of 5 tips and tricks that I find make any wrapping job that much easier and that much better!



1) Pick a theme: Every year I pick out colors and patterns that compliment one another. Doing this not only makes everything under the tree look coordinated and picture perfect, it also assures that all your decorations can be mixed and matched! (This year I chose black, white, red, and gold as my colors and classic polka dots and stripes as my patterns)

2) Tie it up: Ribbon is usually the material of choice, but I suggest picking up some twine or tulle for a little something different! I used twine this year and I loved the rustic look it gave the packages I wrapped! Tulle is a great option because it’s easy to work with, and makes the most gorgeous, fluffy bows!

3) Put a bow (or something else!) on it: If you don’t want to make a bow with ribbon or tulle, consider sticking one (or two! Maybe different colors!?) of the pre-made kind onto the middle of your package. Super easy, yet classic! You can even take it a step further by tying something a bit more interesting on like the jingle bells or gold sparkle snowflakes I picked up this year. Other ideas? How about an ornament or a tree pick! Get creative! Nothing makes a present more festive than a little flair!

4) Think outside the box: While I am sort of against the use of bags (let’s face it- opening a wrapped gift is just so much fun!) sometimes you have some oddly shaped gifts that are better suited for bags. Try some fun tissue paper to make gift bags more visually interesting! They have lots of fun options like stripes, polka dots, colored, and even confetti!

5) Don’t rush perfection: My last tip would be to take your time! Wrapping all your presents in one sitting probably isn’t an achievable goal, and trying to rush the process will only lead to frustration (and perhaps sloppy packages) Wrapping gifts should be fun! Grab some snacks and a friend and make a date out of it!



  1. preeti | 16th Dec 15

    such great tips! your packaging is perfection!

    xoxo, Preeti

    • seemollyblog | 17th Dec 15

      Thanks, girl! I’m glad you found my tips helpful 🙂

  2. Beth Beebe | 17th Dec 15

    Nice job and great tips. Beautifully wrapped and love the color choices.

  3. Lindsay | 27th Dec 15

    I really like it when people comne together and share thoughts.
    Great blog, continue the good work!

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