Holiday Home Decorations

Welp! It’s here!!! What’s “it” you may be asking. December, of course! One of my favorite months because it means I can listen to Christmas music on full blast judgment free (confession: I’m one of “those” people who listens to Christmas songs even in October) and it also means my absolute favorite holiday: CHRISTMAS! And Christmas means lots of fun things like picking out the perfect gifts, wrapping said gifts (I’m obsessed with pretty wrapping and will have an entire post dedicated to wrapping gifts sooner rather that later so stay tuned…), cheesy Christmas Hallmark movies 24/7, family get togethers, cookie baking, and well, the list goes on and on!


Clearly, I love the Christmas season and I absolutely love manifesting my love for this season by decorating around the house. I have so many memories of helping my parents decorate our tree and carefully unwrapping the ceramic Nativity figurines from their newspaper and bubble wrap casings so I could arrange them around the manger just so.

This year I not only helped my parents to deck the halls at our house, I also took the liberty of bringing some holiday cheer (and decor) into Ted’s home! I had some much fun buying a couple key pieces to make his space feel just a bit more festive! Let me know what you think in the comments down below! How do you like to decorate for the holidays?


Some holiday glitz on Ted’s living room coffee table


Seriously though, how cute is this little sparkly reindeer!? It has “Molly” written alllll over it. 


Some festive holiday picks helped make the coffee table bowl Christmas ready



Stockings! A total Christmas must. 


Our stockings are hung by the chimney er…stairs? with care



Don’t mind the mess, just look at the tree! 




My favorite ornament so far (keep in mind we only have two that aren’t silver orbs!) 


  1. Beth Beebe | 2nd Dec 15

    I love to decorate with pillows, ornaments and little trinkets. I am fortunate to have a very nice array of ornaments- some very vintage are my favorite. These were given to my husband and I from a very sweet neighbor of ours years ago that were her sisters from Canada they date back to the early 20’s. I also incorporate all that I have received from my mom and my husband’s mom and our combined ornaments creates lots of fun and lots of different themes too. Each ornament tends to have a special meaning sooner or later.

    • seemollyblog | 3rd Dec 15

      I love the idea of mixing old and new! That’s so very special. Thanks for sharing, Beth!

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