The Friday Five 12.18.15

I never thought I would be excited about anything Stars Wars related but OHMYGAWD you guys! The new movie comes out today and I’m actually really looking forward to seeing it. (Like, have my outfit-picked-out excited!) I hadn’t seen all of the movies (I’d actually only seen Episode IV) so Ted made sure to take care of that so I would be prepared (and not confused) when we saw the new one (Thanks for sticking with me through several marathons due to my tendency to fall asleep during movies. You’re the real MVP!)

Anyways, aside from Star Wars excitement, my Christmas excitement is still in full force! I just can’t wait! Come to think of it…my next Friday Five will be ON CHRISTMAS! How exciting! You know that commercial that’s been on TV lately where the parents wake up their kids? That’s me. I mean, minus the kids, but I am up at 5 AM jumping up and down, running around the house, squealing. This past week was definitely filled mostly with Star Wars and Christmas preparation. So, here it goes: My Friday Five!


1) SURPRISE! Not. Of course my first Friday Five is Stars Wars related! I bought Ted and I advanced tickets for tonight. Duh duh duh duh DUH DUH DUHHHH! (That was the theme song)


2) I have been a total cookie monster lately! ‘Tis the season, am I right!? Ted, my mom, my uncle and I had a baking marathon while watching the Bengals on Sunday! (Shout out to Ted for being a really good cookie roller! I was impressed!)


3) Yes. More cookies. These deserve a special shout out because they are so delicious, always a hit at every party, and SO easy to make. Peanut butter cup cookies. It’s like peanut butter inception which is just a huge win in my book!


4) These adorable pictures what my sister stuck in the Christmas card she sent to Ted and I #heartwarming


5) I’m already collecting toiletries for my birthday trip to Disney! (44 days! But who’s counting!?)

Are you going to see the new Star Wars? (No spoilers!) How excited are you for the holidays!?


  1. Teddy V | 21st Dec 15

    You should probably make a post discussing the highlight of Friday night being our trip to Tom+Chee rather than what has to be the biggest disappointment in a movie that I’ve ever had (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

    Molly’s followers – do yourself a favor and take a HARD pass. Unless you’re totally into bad stories, not-likable characters, a “villain” that is more emo that bad-a$$, and a new “hero” that personifies the definition of a “Mary Sue”.

    Worst of the 7 Star Wars movie. 3/10

  2. Celina | 2nd Mar 16

    Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biigtgy.

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