The Friday Five 12.25.15

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone has an amazing today filled with family, friends, and fun holiday traditions. I can guarantee you that up to this point in the day I’ve frolicked around waking everyone up, convincing them that no it’s not too early to open presents, proceeded to open presents, eaten my weight in bacon and cookies (totally an approved part of a balanced breakfast during the Christmas season #letmelivemylife), and spent way too much time getting glam for our holiday get-togethers.

I’ve decided this Friday Five will appropriately be dedicated to my favorite Christmas morning traditions. I’m too excited to really introduce this post anymore so here it goes! (Note: I only have 3 pictures…just roll with it!)


1) Bum Attire: The first rule of Christmas morning? Thou shall not look cute to open presents. I know, I know! This seems counter intuitive and very anti-everything fashion-related for which I stand (keep in mind, I tend to have everyone up by like, 7 or 8 AM!) I’ve contemplated implementing a cute PJ tradition in my family, but until that day comes, this girl will stick to over-sized sweats (courtesy of Ted),glasses, and no make-up on Christmas morning! (I save the glam for later in the day)


2) Christmas Breakfast: My dad always cooks enough food for an army on Christmas (and any other meal for that matter) and I always eat way, way too much! ‘Tis the season, am I right!? (For the record, calories don’t count in Disney, and they don’t count on Christmas. Also for the record, I’m not a nutritionist and or dietician haha)


3) Gift Rotation: That’s a fancy way of saying “opening gifts”! However, in my family, we’ve always done it in a rotation where one person opens one gift at a time so we can all see what everyone got and the whole experience just lasts longer. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love being able to catch everyone’s reactions!

4) Family Gatherings: Every year we sort of rotate between where we go for the holidays. I’m fortunate enough to have all my family close by, so regardless of whose house we go to, I usually get to see everyone each and every year. Plus, I get to hang out with Ted’s family, too! #bonuschristmas

5) White Christmas Watching: My mom and I started this thing where we watch White Christmas on Christmas each year. (It’s also the first Christmas movie we watch on either Thanksgiving night or Black Friday as well) I don’t know why, we’ve just always been fans of that movie (I mean, Bing Crosy, Rosemary Clooney, over the top dance numbers….what’s not to love!?)




  1. Lizzy Dierks | 28th Dec 15

    Molly I just caught back up, you are seriously the cutest and I love this blog! I love reading it with your mannerisms, it like you’re right there telling me it all! ? Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great New Years’!

    I’ll be turning in to see everything in the future too!

    • seemollyblog | 29th Dec 15

      Thanks so much, Lizzy! I really appreciate your sweet comment 🙂 I miss you to pieces and I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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