The Friday Five 12.4.15

Holy December, Batman! This year is flying by and I’m trying to constantly remind myself of the wise words of Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t slow down and look around, you might miss it.” He was pretty smart for a kid who hardly went to class!

I had a stretch of days off of work where I of course had grand plans to blog and work out and well…it turned into me spending a bunch of time with my family and Ted and doing a bunch of Christmas shopping and present wrapping. All completely necessary, however. It’s sort of like Ferris Bueller said, life moves fast and I wanted to take advantage of the days I had off to look around and make sure I wasn’t missing it.

I of course still want to make See Molly Blog a priority. It’s difficult with work and the holidays, but I’m not one for excuses. Besides, I have some exciting things ahead for See Molly Blog and I can’t wait to share some of the holiday posts I have planned! Buuut…until I buckle down and get all of those great ideas from my head and onto a word document, enjoy this week’s Friday Five!


Meet one of the many reasons I really need to start consistently working out again. Why is food court pizza so dang good!? (I’m telling myself I walked off most of those calories shopping!)


Two of my holy grail makeup favorites I picked up at Sephora in the most adorable gift-like packaging. That tissue paper? #onpoint


My mom and I went shopping for 12+ hours on Wednesday and yours truly needed a bit of a coffee boost half way through the day. Thanks, Nordstrom e-bar! You’re the real MVP.


Oh man, you guys! I did it. I convinced my short, stubby legged self that I could pull off one of this season’s biggest trends: Over the knee, or “OTK”, boots. Let me tell you, I feel pretty fierce in these! Outfit post to follow! #staytuned


I love wrapping gifts, I take it to an extreme, but sometimes I love an understated package just as much. There is something so elegant about a silver Nordstrom box. Add some personal touches, and ta-da! the perfect present.


  1. Beth Beebe | 4th Dec 15

    Love the pizza, Sephora, Iced Coffee, Boots and time with my mom.

  2. Erin | 4th Dec 15

    Momma\daughter time is always the best!

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