Cold Weather Casual OOTD



Okay, Cincinnnati! You win! *cue white flag waving* After weeks of spring-like weather, I was becoming more and more hopeful that temperatures here wouldn’t dip below the upper 40s. Silly me! Winter has finally arrived and I’ve been forced to bust out my heavier coats and crank the heat in my car until the windows fog up.

I wanted to show my look for a casual day running around and getting things done. I love, love dressing up. I’m totally that girl who makes getting ready for a fancy occasion an event in and of itself, but somedays you need function and comfort. I love comfy just as much as I love fancy, but I like it when it still looks pulled together.


Luckily, I got some winter clothes and accessories for Christmas that make dressing for my least favorite season (I am so not built for the cold!) a bit more fun and bearable. For instance, how cute are the polka dot mittens Ted’s mom got me for Christmas!? The best part? Wait for it…they’re fleece-lined! Seriously life changing. Wearing them is like making a conscious decision to wrap my hands in fluffy blankets which is a decision I’d make over and over.

I’m also loving the grey coat Ted gifted me. I was in desperate need of a coat that wasn’t a bubble coat, you know something a bit fancier, and that wasn’t black. I think grey is the perfect color because it’s still a neutral, and therefore goes with everything, but it’s not as harsh as black can be at times.

I think this coat helps to make the super effortless combo of converse and leggings just a tad more put together than say, a hooded sweatshirt**. I also love the idea of a cute hat (I’ve been lusting over a cute beanie with a big furry pom-poms on top!) to hide bed head and messy hair days! Throw on a giant scarf to keep your neck warm, and you’re good to go!

**(Don’t be fooled, though! I am in no way above wearing a hooded sweatshirt. On days I don’t go out…I’m makeup-less and rocking sweatpants, one of Ted’s shirts, a top knot, and eating chocolate icing straight from the can on a spoon! #bumlife)





Coat (On sale! Buy HERE)// Polka Dot Mittens (Buy HERE)// Leggings (Buy HERE, I also love THESE)// Hat (47 Brand; old, buy similar HERE)// Infinity Scarf (Gap Outlet, old; buy similar HERE)// Sweater (J. Crew Factory, old; buy similar HERE)// Shoes (Buy HERE)// Purse (Buy HERE)













  1. Nicole N | 5th Jan 16

    Super cute casual outfit. I wear something similar when I’m running around on the weekends and such. And I completely agree about the cold – not my favorite thing in the world and I’m never ready for it, no matter when it comes.

    • seemollyblog | 5th Jan 16

      Thanks, girl! Yeah, cute winter accessories and hot coffee are about the only things that make the cold bearable for me!

  2. Beth Beebe | 7th Jan 16

    Love this look.

  3. Janice Villari | 7th Jan 16

    Glad you like the mittens! Stay warm!

    • seemollyblog | 8th Jan 16

      They’re great! I get tons of compliments 🙂 Thanks so much for the awesome gift!

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