Friday Five 1.8.15

It’s my first Friday Five of 2016! For those of you who are new to my blog, the Friday Five is just a collection of five moments or things…or whatever really (descriptive, huh!?) that made me smile throughout the week. I’m a huge believer that it’s the little things in life that matter, and this series is a nod to that idea.

I’m hoping to work out some ideas for other series I can do monthly and or weekly. I’m thinking of doing a monthly favorites where I highlight my favorite products, books, movies, TV series, recipes, links, and or songs of the month. Let me know if that sounds like something you would be interested in reading! Either way, *drum roll*…the first Friday Five of 2016 awaits!


1) Keeping my resolution (so far) and putting the gym (consistently) back into my routine. It feels so good! Like, don’t get me wrong…I start off curled up in 3 covers dreading leaving the warmth of my bed, but by the time I convince myself to get dressed, go to the gym, and  finish a killer workout, I feel like a whole new me!


2) The fact my water bottle matches all my other favorite gold accessories, like my phone case (No, I’m serious. Little things like this make me smile)


3) Receiving new Kate Spade earrings. I’ve been lusting over various styles of “double” earrings and these are just perfect! Pearl on one side, bling on the other. #yesplease


4) Stealing kisses. Ted wasn’t ready for this at all, but I’m a bit less shy than he is haha Perhaps I’ll work on my self-control in 2016…or perhaps not 🙂 He’s just so cute!


5) This silly photo of my nephew. I was taking pictures during our “second Christmas” and Will requested I take a picture of him. Can we talk about his eyes!? Future heart throb, am I right?




  1. Beth Beebe | 11th Jan 16

    Love the earrings, kisses and my God those eyes are insanely beautiful. I love the blog.

    • seemollyblog | 11th Jan 16

      Beth, you are too sweet! I can’t tell you how much I love reading all your sweet comments. Your support means the world!

  2. Janice | 11th Jan 16

    I applaud you sticking to your resolution -extra applause for going on frigid days!

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