Friday Five Carry-On Edition

Today, much like my Golden Globes post a couple weeks back, I am doing a special edition of the Friday Five! Ooooo! Ahhhh!


Ted and I leave for Disney World on Sunday (cue squealing and happy dancing!), so I’ve been working on the dreaded task of packing. We are flying to Florida and carrying our bags on, so packing gets that much more tricky. Your bags can only be so big, and you can only bring so many liquids of a certain size, and well, it’s enough to make this chronic over-packer hyperventilate!

I do however, feel like I have my carry on bag down to somewhat of a science (Key word: somewhat! I still struggle to not stuff it so full that the flight attendants shoot me dirty looks because it doesn’t quite fit all the way under my seat) Regardless, I have rounded up the top 5 things that I always bring in my carry on bag!



1) A liquids bag: This is sort of a given if you’re carrying on, but I felt it had be mentioned! Airline rules are usually that each person can have 1 quart sized bag filled with as many containers, liquid, gel, or aerosol, 3 oz or smaller. I always make room for my foundation, contact solution, and shampoo and conditioner (I know the hotel will have some, but for some reason the people that stock the room don’t understand that it takes me like, 15 Mickey conditioners to tame the beast that is my hair!)

2) Something to Do: Now, it isn’t a super long flight to Florida, but I still think having something to do, a book to read, a game to play, a coloring book (yes, a coloring book!) helps to pass the time (I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to flying so this is actually pretty clutch in terms of occupying my worrisome mind)

3) Wallet/ID: Again, sort of a given but super duper important to have on your person/easily accessible. Believe me, you don’t want to get to the front of the TSA line and make enemies of all  the people behind because you don’t have your ID ready to go when it’s your turn.

4) Phone/Chargers: Nowadays, everyone’s phone is basically a fifth functional limb, but don’t forget your charger! Airports have tons of charging stations everywhere which is great!…But, take it from someone who packed their charger away in a suitcase once…having to rummage through your undergarments in the middle of Gate 76 because your phone only has 9% battery left and you want to be able to let people know you landed safely and didn’t get lost or something, is just not glamourous #TotalMollyMove

5) A Change of Clothes: Whether it’s actually a full change of clothes, or just a light jacket or scarf for the plane, I’ve learned to bring options in my carry on bag! I don’t know why, but planes are always freezing (I comfort my hypothermic self and justify the chill by clinging to the fact that germs don’t grow as well in cold temperatures) So, having a scarf to throw on is a total lifesaver. In addition, I find it is sometimes nice to have an actual full change of clothes. For example, if you’re flying from one climate to another. I don’t think I’ll be sporting sandals and a sun dress when I fly out of Cincy, but you can bet I’ll throw one on the minute we land in Florida!