Woodlander’s Photography Collaboration Pt. 1



When I started my blog, I was so excited! Excited to flex my rusty writing muscles (use them or lose them!), excited to document my love for fashion via photos, excited to just share a piece of myself and connect with anyone interested in doing the same! Admittedly, I was also excited about the possibility of collaborating.

 I was looking forward to working with other bloggers, fashion enthusiasts, and or photographers for several reasons. For one, there is just something about coming together with other people that share similar interests, especially interests of the creative variety, that is so stimulating. It’s also beneficial in that you can learn from one another and help each other to perfect your craft. Recently, an opportunity arose for me to collaborate with a life long friend. (When I say life long, I mean it! We went to grade school, high school, and college together! #godblessher)

Courtney Kramer is the head photographer at Woodlander’s Photography, based here in Cincinnati, Ohio. She takes amazing photos, primarily of couples (think engagement and wedding photos) and she asked if I’d like to work with her on a project. I didn’t hesitate, not for a second. This was the perfect opportunity for both us- she could practice taking photos using different techniques, in different locations, with different props, and during a different season, while I could pose and get great photos to feature on my blog! #winwin




I believe our original collaboration photo shoot ideas were geared toward me showcasing my fashion sense until Courtney proposed another idea. She asked if I thought Ted would be willing to partake in the shoot, as well. “Of course! He’d totally do it!”, I answered without actually asking him. (Somehow I knew he would either A) actually be interested or B) easily be persuaded with proper use of my puppy face) He was actually very on board regardless of the use of puppy face! #score

I was a little giddy, okay! okay!… I was a LOT giddy at the thought of getting professional pictures taken with Ted. I just loved the idea of sharing something I love so much with him (Not just the whole posing for pictures thing, but you know…everything that goes into the blogging process, which he’s always been super supportive of!) I also loved the idea of having some cute pictures to frame for his walls!

Courtney’s creative concept was to have us pose in an urban setting wearing formal outfits and a more natural, wooded setting rocking looks more on the casual side. She emphasized that she wanted to illustrate the fact that winter shoots can still be fun and fashionable. I imagine a lot of couples are turned off by the idea of a winter shoot because it’s cold, and it’s hard to dress for because whatever you do finally decide to wear gets topped off with a giant coat. Ted and I wanted to help Courtney falsify these assumptions.



We chose the Newport on the Levee Purple People Bridge and Fernbank Park as our two locations. I’ve decided to break our collaboration into two posts. This post will cover the Newport location shoot. Newport was where Ted and I had our first date, so I thought that would be a more than appropriate urban location. Courtney did a phenomenal job both directing the shots, and also just letting us sort of interact with one another in order to capture more candid shots. I can’t express how much I love the way the photos came out! We were only on the bridge for maybe 10 minutes due to how cold and windy it was getting. Even in that short amount of time, Courtney was able to capture the essence of me and Ted’s playful, loving relationship. We even snuck in some solo shots of me and my outfit!
















Don’t forget to check out Courtney’s website HERE, and never let a little winter keep you from a fun photo shoot! The cold never bothered you anyway! Am I right!?


  1. Courtney | 20th Jan 16

    Love it! I had so much fun with you two and can’t wait to do more!

    • seemollyblog | 20th Jan 16

      It was super fun! Just think about the shots you will get when it’s warmer and we can spend more than 10 minutes outside at a time without risking frost bite! Haha

  2. Janice Villari | 20th Jan 16

    Great pictures! Looks like a fun time even though it was cold and snowy. Glad the collaboration was such a success!

    • seemollyblog | 20th Jan 16

      Thank you! We had a lot of fun, and I’m super pleased with how they turned out. Maybe we will finally put some of our picture frames to use haha

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