Woodlander’s Photography Collaboration Pt. 2



Yesterday’s post highlighted the first part of two collaboration photo shoots Ted and I did with my long time friend Courtney Kramer, head photographer of Woodlander’s Photography. Part 1 was all about urban glam, and part 2 is its casual counterpart.

We chose Fernbank Park for our second location as it has many wooded trails that offer the perfect contrast to the man-made Purple People Bridge. Ted shed his wool coat, I kicked off my heels, and we opted for jeans-the classic American casual staple. Upon Courtney’s suggestion, we also played around with props during this shoot, which added an element of playfulness (It also tested Ted’s acting skills because there wasn’t actually anything inside those mugs!)





Much like the shoot at the first location, Courtney took a very balanced approach with her direction. While it was her idea to use a blanket and mugs as props, she let us just talk amongst the two of us for a few minutes before suggesting certain poses.

For instance, us being under the blanket together was her suggestion, and I love how those shots came out! The colors are vibrant, and I love that the pictures suggest warmth and love.

Oh, and of course she offered to get a few shots of my outfit! Even in the freezing temperatures, I couldn’t resist! (I’m sure Ted is happy there is finally proof that I do, indeed wear the furry hat he got me for Christmas last year #Itoldyouso)












Thank you so much, Courtney! Your work is truly amazing, and I’m beyond grateful to have these photos. They capture one of the most important things to me, which is my relationship with Ted, and I’ll cherish them forever…plus now we have an excuse to fill the empty frames we have lying around! Let’s do this again sometime!

Check out Courtney’s photography website HERE


  1. Courtney | 21st Jan 16

    Yay, super cute! I love it!

    And I cannot stop laughing at that photo of Ted “drinking his coffee”. Your expression matches exactly what you said a second after that photo was taken, “Ted! What are you doing, there’s nothing in there!”

    Too fun! Let’s do it again!

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