25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

Welp, it’s today! You, know…my birthday! You mean it’s not marked in your calendars as a national holiday?! Kidding of course 🙂  I’m currently celebrating by frolicking around Magic Kingdom (one of my most favorite places) with Ted (one of my most favorite people)! #bestbirthdayever It won’t be a post-less birthday, however! I planned ahead. I decided a couple months of ago that I wanted my birthday post to be a compilation of things I’ve learned throughout my life thus far.

I remember when I was younger, birthdays meant treats at school, family parties, picking a cake design (I vividly remember those cake binders at the bakery with the glossy pictures of all the various images they could create out of mounds of buttercream), and lots of fun presents. As I got older, birthdays just sort of came and went and I started to realize I was getting older (I swear this happens at younger, and younger ages) and having obligations on my birthdays instead of parties. I remember I attended a Saturday MCAT class on one of my birthdays, one I was deathly ill (which isn’t an obligation, but still no fun!), and last year I took my NCLEX for nursing. #partay #not

This year seems different, however. I’m realizing how much I love getting older. It’s a privilege denied many, and the older I get the more sure I become sure of myself which is such a beautiful gift in and of itself. I’m only 25 so, in the grand scheme of things, I know almost nothing. I do however, feel as though I’ve already grasped the fact that age is truly just a number.

Sure, the law prohibits and allows us to do and not to do various things depending on our age, but the important stuff-love, loss, suffering, success, sense of humor, attitude, passion, happiness, defeat, overcoming- those things know no age. I choose not to think of birthdays as a marker of “getting older”, rather a marker of more life lived and more to live. Life is the best gift afforded to any of us and mine has been blessed, and great and taught me so much thus far.

Here are the 25 things I think it’s taught me most:

  1. Time is much more valuable than money, priceless even
  2. Speaking of money…SAVE. Loans aren’t fun and retirement will be here before you know it
  3. Don’t try to “fit in”; it’s too much effort and nothing good ever comes of it
  4. Comparison is the thief of joy (I think that’s a quote from somewhere, but how true!?)
  5. Sports are like politics-polarizing to discuss (you’re best to just smile and nod)
  6. Never try new hair/makeup/clothes on the day of a big event; stick to what works!
  7. Family is MOST important. Period.
  8. Love is terrifying, but usually the scary things are the most worth it in the end
  9. If you want the cookie, eat the damn cookie! (…and don’t you dare feel guilty about it!)
  10. Really, truly listening to someone else is hard (really hard) and even exhausting, but sooo worth it
  11. It’s okay to say “no”-don’t stretch yourself too thin
  12. LAUGH!- at yourself, especially
  13. Have the tough, awkward conversation; people aren’t mind readers. Talking solves things, NOT keeping them to yourself
  14. Respect others and be kind. It’s not always easy, but it’s a seriously attractive quality and it’s appreciated more than you would think
  15. Don’t do things for recognition or a “thank you”-often times you’ll get neither but it doesn’t mean what you did wasn’t worthwhile
  16.  A few close friends is so much more valuable then a group of people you “sort of know”, and can tag in your Facebook pictures. (Plus, real relationships are hard work…you can only have a handful of true friends)
  17. Be a gracious and thankful receiver-thank people  with a card, with a call, etc.
  18. Faith (in something, whatever you choose) is crucial, and powerful
  19. It’s never too late; to change a habit, to fix a relationship, to pursue another path
  20. Nothing beats a good book (…and they are totally better than the movie version 99.9% of the time, so do yourself a favor and read the book before you see the movie!)
  21. That funny, nagging feeling in your stomach and the little voice in the back of your head are not to be ignored
  22. Nice guys/girls most certainly do not finish last; they just don’t celebrate their first place victory as ostentatiously
  23. At the end of the day, you have yourself to live with-take the necessary measures to be proud of what you see in the mirror
  24. Don’t just dream and wish; act!
  25. Don’t have regrets; but if you must, learn from them and move on

Thank you to the bottom of my heart to my amazing boyfriend, my loving family, and my wonderful friends that helped to make this birthday amazing! Here’s to more birthdays, and more life lessons! BRING ‘EM ON!


  1. Beth Beebe | 3rd Feb 16

    Happy Happy Birthday Molly. I really enjoyed reading this and hope your trip is more amazing each day and your YEAR is absolutely AMAZING just like you XXXOOO.

  2. Tricia | 3rd Feb 16

    Very nice gave me a lot to think about hope u guys r haveing fun and have a safe trip back?

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