Disney World Vacation Roundup

You may have noticed posting was pretty scarce around the blog this past week. Explanation? I was in Disney World for my birthday! Ted and I flew down to Florida January 31st and spent 4 full days exploring one of my most favorite places on earth!

Ted had never been, so it was really fun for me to watch him experience everything for the first time. I even experienced some things for the first time! (…mostly roller coasters! I was never brave enough to try them until I had Ted by my side reassuring me that if kids half my height and age could handle them, I could, too!)


We rode rides (like Expedition Everest pictured above^), ate delicious food (perhaps slightly overpriced, but buffalo bleu cheese popcorn!? Helllooooo. Worth it!), watched fireworks (twice!), and just overall had an amazing time. I loved spending time with Ted free from schedule restraints and stress. It was so refreshing to just laugh and have fun enjoying each other’s company.

Coming back from vacation is always tough, I know he and I were both dreading our first day back to work, but I had so many memories to smile about that I was able to make it through! That’s what I wanted to share with you, today! Some of those memories we made…



Ted risked his life to take the above picture by running across the street, in front of all the park transportation buses, and standing on a little concrete median. We definitely turned some heads! 


DAY 1: Hollywood Studios

I think I can speak for both of us when I say that “Star Tours” was one of our favorite rides! (Like, ride-it-to-the-point-people-working-the ride-recognize-you favorite!) BONUS: I got to be the rebel spy!



Fun fact: The pictures with the frame took about…27 takes, 8 minutes, and lots of direction to get just right. In my defense, Ted is a lot taller, I was focusing on making sure my hair looked nice and not a wind blown mess!, and the frame was really heavy! (I can hear Ted somewhere disagreeing and assuring me that no, it wasn’t that heavy…I’ve just been skipping arm day. LIES!)


Ugh. This ride. I had been on it before, several trips ago, and was left, well, TERRIFIED! Ted, however, insisted we ride it. I think I handled it a bit better this time!…(Apologies to any young ears that heard me using not so lady-like words. Cussing happens when you’re dropping several stories in a giant elevator against your will)


Day 2, Part 1: Animal Kingdom


We only spent half a day in Animal Kingdom, but we definitely did a lot! Including pose at the entrance #models




Animal Kingdom highlights: Festival of the Lion King because the Tumble Monkeys (think gymnasts in neon spandex with primate mannerisms) and fire twirler were too legit for words, the fact I got on an actual roller coaster, and the safari!


Day 2, Part 2: Epcot



WE MET BAYMAX!!!! (If this means nothing to you, stop reading this post and watch Big Hero 6. NOW!) I really wanted to give him a hug, but the character attendants kept making me feel as though I would harm him due to all the “sharp” things I was wearing (sunglasses, necklace, birthday button..which they actually made me remove) I decided to just stand safely next to him, because I just couldn’t live the rest of my life with the possible consequences of being “the girl who popped Baymax”


Ted being a rebel! (We spent an embarrassing amount of time in the aquarium part of The Seas in Epcot. We took a bunch of shark quizzes…over and over until we got 100% #nerds and watched all the sea creatures swimming around! Confession: I’ve always had a fascination with the ocean and as a child I wanted to be a whale trainer or marine biologist)


Fish are friends NOT food! Ted and I couldn’t help but laugh that we went to the world showcase in Epcot and ended up eating in the American Pavilion. What can we say!? When you’re craving a cheeseburger, you roll with it. I did however, convince him that we also needed a pretzel from Germany. No regrets.


Day 3, MY BIRTHDAY!: Magic Kingdom 

(Don’t mind the crane behind the castle, evidently Christmas light removal is a lengthy process at the Charmings’ home)

Favorite Character Encounter; Gaston: I know a lot of people think Gaston is a bad guy, but Ted and I met him and well…how can you hate a guy that hassles your boyfriend to propose to you without even putting him up to it!? He’s got my back.


In my 4 or 5 previous trips to Disney World, I had never been on the famous Mad Tea Party tea cup ride! What is wrong with me!? I’m glad I waited to ride when Ted was with me. He spun the tea cup so fast, I had to take a minute before I exited the ride #nobalance Needless to say, we did the ride a couple more times throughout our trip!


Festival of Fantasy! We watched from the train station. This is a good place to watch if you’re wanting to take pictures because so many of the floats are really tall. (Random: I left Ted to hold our spots before the parade so I could us some water. When I came back, he had made friends with a man from Canada who was on a 2 week vacation with his wife. We were both appreciative of his accent!)



Days 4,5, and 6: Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios


Our last couple of days, we went back to our favorite parks to ride some rides we missed the first time around, and to do some of our favorites again! (I’m looking at you, Splash Mountain and Star Tours!) We also made sure to eat some awesome Disney food because it’s scientifically proven that calories don’t count in Disney (actually it’s not proven at all…but you walk so much, you hardly feel guilty at all!)

My favorite treat this past trip? Dole whips! And in case you’re wondering…Dole whips are totally worth the hype! (I had never had one because I was afraid I would be let down and the illusion would be shattered. Now, I’m craving one at least twice a day!)


Thank you so much for sharing in some of the magical memories Ted and I made on our trip! I can say with certainty that this was my best birthday yet!


  1. Janice Villari | 10th Feb 16

    Great memories to last a lifetime!

    • seemollyblog | 12th Feb 16

      We had the best time!

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