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A few weeks ago I received one of the most dreaded pieces of mail a person can receive-a jury duty summons…dun dun DUHHH! I had several emotions regarding the call to civic duty that showed up oh so unexpectedly in my mail box. Emotions included: anger, frustration, confusion, WHYYY MEEE!!, anxiety, and finally…acceptance and, dare I say, almost an eagerness.  Allow me to explain the eagerness part. For one, I was sort of excited to see what the whole court room atmosphere and trial process is like, and I found an added bonus in the fact I was required to dress business casual everyday. YASSSS! Doesn’t seem that exciting you say? Take it from a fashion lover that has dresser drawers full of clothes and is forced to wear scrubs to work…business casual is super exciting!

Monday, March 7th was my first day of duty and I decided to play it safe and go back to the basics. Black pants, a white pull over, and my trusty Tory Burch flats. I wasn’t sure if I could get away with jeans, or if wearing a hot pink button was court room appropriate so I wanted to lie low. (I’ll have you know that plenty of people wear jeans, so I totally planned on wearing some later in the week!) My hair was second day hair and I knew it would cooperate when I went to put it in a pony tail, so I went that route. I also decided to wear my glasses because, as silly as it sounds, I think they make me look sort of intellectual. Who doesn’t want a smart, intellectual juror on their panel, right!? #pickmepickme



Pull over (J. Crew Factory, old, similar HERE)//Pants (J. Crew, buy HERE)//Flats (Tory Burch, buy HERE)// Tote (Tory Burch, buy HERE)// Watch (Michael Kors, buy HERE)// Bracelet (J. Crew, buy HERE)

The first day of jury duty turned out to pretty uneventful (it was basically orientation, lots of sitting around, and lots of drinking free coffee #nocomplaints), but more jury duty lies ahead as do more jury duty outfits…so stay tuned!



  1. Anon | 14th Mar 16

    Love the blog!

    Had a question… Do you have any advice on spring/summer fashion if you’re traveling to SoCal, Texas, or Florida? Since it gets really hot and humid, trying to stay fashionable while traveling to these destinations. Thank you!

    • seemollyblog | 14th Mar 16

      Hey there! I would totally suggest stocking up on some cute sundresses! They keep you cool, are easy to throw on, but still look fashionable! Safe travels!

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