Blue Stripes, Black Pants






My jury duty obligation continued on this week, and so did my business casual attire. OhmyGAWD you guys! Is it weird to admit that I’m sort of- okay, okay, I’m TOTALLY loving getting up early and taking the time to pick out my outfit for the day!? It’s so much fun to ditch shapeless scrubs for actual clothes! (Scrubs do have their perks, though. They’re basically pajamas as far as comfort rating is concerned #silverlining) I think this early bird also just misses being on a day shift schedule all the time *sigh*

Anyways! Let’s talk about the outfit. Much like the outfit from my “Back to Basics” post, this one is by no means complicated or fussy. I think that’s why I like it so well. I like simple, straight forward outfits that look chic, but in an effortless manner. There’s something about looking pulled together, but secretly knowing it only took me about 15 minutes to get ready, that makes me feel like I found some sort of loop hole in life.

I think the key to finding that loop hole is accessories. I wear these black pants like I’m paid to do so (Is that even a thing?! I’d be a millionaire by now!), and this top is a pretty standard striped top. However, I think adding a pair of pumps, and some nice jewelry really ties the whole look together.

Until next time, keep it chic…but effortless!



Pants (J. Crew Pixie Pants, buy HERE)// Top (J. Crew Factory {old}, buy similar HERE)// Heels (Nine West, buy HERE)// Watch (Michael Kors, buy HERE)// Bracelet (J. Crew, buy HERE)// Sunglasses (Marc Jacobs {old}, buy similar HERE, options under $15 HERE and HERE)