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Friday night Ted and I went out on a date night for the first time in what felt like forever. Now, that makes it sound as though we never do things together (#false), but you know how it is! Life and work get so hectic that most of the time, “date night” ends up being lounging around on the couch in sweatpants. eating our weight in chips and queso, and Netflix binging. And, hey! There is nothing wrong with a lazy night in, in fact, they’re my favorite! I do think it’s important however, to get out of the house as and go on dates, without the distraction of television and cell phones, so that you can catch up and have time to really talk and enjoy one another’s company.

So, Friday night that’s exactly what we took the opportunity to do! Ted and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Maggiano’s, and had a wonderful time. Maggiano’s was one of the first places he took me on a date, so we always have good memories going back there…plus, there food is amazing #winwin Mostly, it was refreshing to be able to catch each other up on the finer details of our lives that somehow always seem to slip through the cracks during our brief encounters with each other Monday through Friday.


Coat (J. Crew Factory, buy HERE)// Floral Top (LC by Lauren Conrad, old, buy similar HERE)// Boots (buy HERE)// Cross Body Bag (Rebecca Minkoff, color no longer available, buy other colors HERE)// Leggings (Victoria’s Secret Pink, buy HERE)// Fuzzy Keychain (Michael Kors, buy HERE)// Statement Necklace (J. Crew Factory, old, buy different color HERE)

Oh, and of course an actual date out of the house affords me the chance to put an outfit together. I knew we would be eating our fair share of carbs, so I was not going to make the mistake I have so many other times in the past and wear tights and a skirt or dress (Let this be a testament to good tights, though. My food babies have been no match for their seams!) Instead, I chose my favorite comfy, and stretchy, leggings, a floral top, and the over the knee boots I fell so deeply in love with a couple months back. The floral top is definitely my desperate attempt to bring some spring into my life a little bit early. Leave it to me, the minute I get excited about warm weather, the temperatures take a nose dive and snow peppers the sky #jinx

On that note, here’s to more Fridays, more date nights out, and warmer weather! Cheers!

…and here’s to more pictures you think your face isn’t going to be in



  1. Beth Beebe | 9th Mar 16

    Love love love the outfit, the color, the coat, boots, purse and floral top. But most of all I love your last fun picture. Cheers to being goofy and having fun doing it!

    • seemollyblog | 9th Mar 16

      Haha, thanks Beth! I’ll never stop being goofy 🙂

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