Manicure MVP: Drying Drops




Stop what you’re doing! Alert the presses! You have to hear about this life changing, manicure saving product!

Okay, so maybe I’m a little late to the party here, but drying drops!? Oh. my. WORD! If you’re an at home DIY manicurist like I am, you need this stuff STAT! Besides the wind making your hair get all stuck up in your lip gloss, is there anything more frustrating than spending untold amounts of time and effort on your nails only to have them end up with marks and creases in them!? UGH! I don’t know about you, but no matter what quick dry top coat I slather on, or how strictly I forbid myself to touch anything for what seems like hours after I’ve painted my nails…they always have imperfections. Until now!

These drying drops are amazing. I’m sure you’ve sort of gathered that by all my gushing, but they seriously make your manicure dry in seconds, look flawless, and last longer. They’re fool proof to use as well! You just put one to two drops on each nail about a minute or two after you’ve applied your polish. That’s it! I’ve only tried the Nicole by OPI brand, but I’ve linked some alternatives by Orly, Sally Hansen, and Essie.


I’ve used drying drops with my last 3 manicures and I’m hooked! Have you tried any? If so, which brands are your favorite?