Sock Game, Strong

Some things in life aren’t appreciated as much as they should be until we are older. Naps, for instance! I hated them in kindergarten, and now I’d pay untold amounts of money to have time set aside to nap everyday! So naps, staying in on weekends versus going out in large groups, cleanliness and organization, socks….yes, socks!


I can’t be the only one that felt the momentum was totally slowed to a screeching halt when I opened a box full of socks on Christmas morning not long after opening some trendy new toy #buzzkill Now however, socks are always at the top of my wish list! Not only are they a functional clothing item that serve a variety of purposes depending on the style (think thick and wooly for hiking boots, athletic for sporting events or working out,  and compression for standing on your feet all day), they are also becoming a fashion staple. Funky socks have found their way into the work place as a cheeky and discreet way of adding some flair to the all too often stuffy business casual attire, and they have also found their way to the streets and the bedroom. Who doesn’t love a fun patterned pair of socks to sleep in!? This girl does!

Now that you understand my love and appreciation for socks, you can imagine how pumped I was when Chrissy’s Socks reached out to me a couple of weeks ago. Chrissy’s Socks specializes in knee high and thigh high socks and offers varieties from classic plain and argyle, as well as more colorful options like rainbow and funky.



I received 3 pair of socks to review, and let me just say it was love at first sight. The pairs I received were so quirky, cute, and colorful, I couldn’t wait to put them on! My love only grew deeper once I had them on my feet (Clearly, I was super partial to the unicorn ones!)

Super cute, right!? Be sure to check out the Chrissy’s Socks website HERE to check out the socks featured in this post, as well as the rest of their products. Chrissy’s Socks can also be found on the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram