Spring Cleaning: File Organization


IT’S SPRING! The weather is warmer (don’t you get any ideas, Cincinnati!), flowers are blooming, sandals and sundresses are becoming appropriate for everyday wear, and it’s the perfect time to clean and start fresh!

If I’m being quite honest, I’m one of those people who really, genuinely, enjoys cleaning. I find it cathartic, and I do it pretty often (Somewhere I hear my boyfriend arguing this point, but I swear I do!) So, while I clean and organize all year long, I feel like I kick it into high gear when spring rolls around.

This year, I really wanted to focus on organizing all the papers in my life. Funny story, I attempted this same feat a couple of years ago. I purchased some file folders and labeled them and everything! That’s sort of where I stopped, though. I didn’t have a designated place for them, so they ended up shoved in the spacious drawer of my desk never to be looked through again…until this spring! When I began looking through them in an attempt to start my sorting efforts anew, I was actually pretty frustrated! I discovered tax documents had ended up in my shopping receipt folder, and old movies tickets had somehow been filed under nursing CEUs…? Your guess is as good as mine! I decided I needed to remedy the situation, and FAST!

I realized that my initial intentions were good, I just didn’t fully execute my plan. This year however, I think I ended up with a pretty fool proof system! Here are the steps I used to re-organize all the important documents in my life:

  1. Buy cute office supplies with which to organize. (Having cute supplies makes the job that much easier and more enjoyable…and well, cute!) I would suggest hanging file folders, a container to hold said files, and an expanding file (or two!).
  2. Make piles. I suggest starting with a “keep” and “throw away” pile (you know for those sneaky movie tickets that somehow made it into your important documents), and then categorizing further within the “keep” pile. For instance, in my keep pile I had tax documents, receipts, and education documentation to name a few!
  3. Start filing! Begin to file away the papers you deemed worthy of keeping into both the hanging files, and the expandable folder(s). (Personally, I like the hanging folders for more recent, immediate documents. I reserve the expanding files for things I’m fairly certain I won’t need access to for awhile.)
  4. Label! Once you have everything sorted and organized into the appropriate folders, make sure they are labeled so that your documents are quick, and easy to find.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 on a regular basis! This is where I went wrong. You can’t just file your documents once, continuously add to them, and expect things to stay organized. You may want to rotate some files from your hanging files into your expanding ones, or you may want to eventually throw some away completely!  Certain documents only need to kept for a certain length of time, so get in a habit of occasionally sifting through your documents to determine what it still relevant.
  6. Be proud! Cleaning should you make you feel like a totally pulled together adult! (I think this step warrants ice cream)



Hanging file folders// Hanging folder rack// Black and gold expanding file//Polka Dot expanding file

I hope this post helped you to get a bit more organized! Happy spring, and happy filing!




  1. Janice Villari | 29th Mar 16

    Such cute filing materials!!

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