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Happy Monday! (I realize Mondays aren’t the happiest of days, but I’m trying to kick the week off with a bit of positivity!) I hope you had a fantastic weekend, and are ready to take this week by storm! Ted and I had a pretty balanced weekend of fun, and rest. Such a weekend called for a no-fuss, perfect weekend outfit. What’s more weekend-y (Is that even a word? It is now!) Than jeans and a t-shirt!? Exactly, nothing!

While I still consider shopping for jeans cruel and unusual punishment (It’s hard for a short girl with hips that don’t lie to easily find a pair of flattering jeans!), I totally understand and appreciate that they are a must have in any wardrobe.

So, I’ve sort of temporarily given up on my search for  the perfect pair of jeans (the pair I’m wearing in this post will do for now!), I have successfully completed my quest for the perfect, comfy, loose fitting, but still flattering tee! *Cue applause* Allow me to introduce you to American Eagle’s Soft & Sexy Favorite T-Shirt. It’s appropriately named, huh!?

This shirt is not only comfy and flattering, as mentioned above, it’s also super budget friendly and available in a variety of colors, both solids and stripes. I gravitated toward to the solid blue and grey striped colors immediately, and I’ve worn both an embarrassing amount since purchasing them in late January.

For reference, I’m wearing a size small and I think it’s the perfect amount of fitted and drapey. The V-neck style makes it a bit more flirty, as opposed to a crew neck, and the extra length in the back means it also pairs perfectly with leggings! #winning

 I highly suggest you pop into your local American Eagle and try one on! I’ve also linked some other cute tee options they have available down below (I’m totally crushing on option 2, the draped pocket tee! One in every color, please!)

Option 1//Option 2





  1. andre lee | 4th Apr 16


  2. andre lee | 4th Apr 16

    i think you look beautiful what ever you wear casual look even your a natural beauty hold your head high

  3. andre lee | 4th Apr 16

    cause you no the saying the sky is the limit princess

  4. andre lee | 4th Apr 16

    stay positive about your skills the best of your skills is still to come princess your talented about the things you set your mind to do i think your gonna be great cause you have your friends and your boyfriend support and also i believe in you

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