Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Review


I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I would definitely rank lipstick as one of my favorite makeup products #funfact. It highlights one of my favorite features, my lips, and it is such a quick and easy way to change up any makeup look. Swap out a nude lip for a vampy dark plum, and BAM! You’ve created a completely different look (Going from day to night has never been so easy!) When it comes to lipstick, I also don’t shy away from many colors. I vividly remember swiping a bold, YSL red across my lips the first day of my master’s program #noshame

As a lipstick lover, I’m constantly trying out different brands, formulas, and shades. Lately, I’ve been super into the whole liquid lipstick trend. You can imagine my excitement when I discovered Colourpop Cosmetics. This online brand offers a wide range of liquid lipstick colors and formulations for…wait for it…$6. Yes, you read that correctly…SIX DOLLARS! It’s pretty much highway robbery when you consider similar products sell for $18-$24. (Pro Tip: When I signed up for emails, I got a $5 off coupon! That made one of my lipsticks a whopping $1 #score)

After hours of searching the internet for reviews, and swatches, I settled for 7 shades of liquid lipsticks in the ultra matte formulation. Colors purchased include: Kapow, Chilly Chili, Trap, Vice, Lumiere 2, Limbo, and Midi.



Order of swatches from top (closest to my wrist) to bottom; click names for links to products: Limbo; deep chocolate brown// Chilly Chili; muted plummy brown//Kapow; muted grey taupe//Lumiere 2; dusty mauve pink //Trap; greyed out beige //Midi; soft neutral beige // Vice; pale warm nude


OH MY GOODNESS. Where to start!? Shipping was reasonably priced, and I received several emails informing me that my order was received, processed, and on it’s way. I think in total, it took less than a week. When I opened the package, there was a super sweet handwritten note (I always appreciate little touches like that! You go, Colourpop!) and I couldn’t help put paint some stripes of each color on my wrist. Love at first swatch! The formula is amazing. It glides on so smoothly, and effortlessly, and then dries to a velvety, ultra matte, no budge finish. Yes, it’s a super dry formula, but I don’t mind it, because it really does not budge. If drier finishes bother you, apply a chap stick underneath, and I think you’ll find them more comfortable #problemsolved

Seriously though, I’ve worn these for 12+ hours, eaten meals in them, and even kissed wearing them *gasp* (yes, these seem to be even boyfriend approved which is totally saying something because most guys hate the idea of getting lipstick transferred onto their face) I highly recommend these ultra matte liquid lipsticks and I’m tempted to try some of their other products…check out their site HERE



  1. Sarah ♡ | 21st May 16

    Wished you did swatches on your lips instead of your arm, but these lippies are all so pretty! ?

    • seemollyblog | 23rd May 16

      That’s a good suggestion! I’ll keep that in mind for future swatches. They are super pretty, and so comfy to wear!

  2. Rabab Aljebori | 19th Sep 16

    Nice! I had a similar review plus swatches on the Colour Pop Ultra Mattes if you want to check it out. Do you mind if i link your review to refer my readers to this post?

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