Floral Arranging 101



I don’t know if you remember my New Year’s Resolutions post, but one of things I proposed to do was try a new hobby. Cross that one off the list! BAM! Okay, okay, I don’t know if I’d go as far as calling floral arranging a hobby just quite yet, but I do really, really enjoy it! I’ve always been a person that loves all things creative, and working with my hands. Knowing I’ve made something by hand always makes me feel really accomplished!

I’m sure you’re wondering how I fell into such a random practice as floral arranging, and to make a long story short (which is really difficult for this talkative girl!), I started taking classes at a local Michael’s craft store. (You should do a little research and see if any near you offer the same sort of thing. They have lots of variety from knitting to cake decorating! Move over Cake Boss, I’m trying that next)



Up to this point, I’ve attended 3 floral classes, and I thought I’d share some of the fundamentals with you in case you wanted to give it a whirl! Seriously, anyone can do this and it’s completely customizable from the container to the colors and variety of plants and flowers you choose.


  • Container (Get creative! This doesn’t have to be your standard planter!)
  • Foam (This helps to stabilize your arrangement)
  • Hot glue gun (In case you really want to anchor the foam or any of your plants)
  • Larger flowers and or plants
  • Filler (grasses and or smaller flowers and plants)
  • Added Flair (any sort of bows or decorations you may want to add)

Floral Arranging Fundamentals:

  1. Pick a focal point. Your floral arrangement will have a lot of elements, but you want to make sure you always have that one thing that is draws the eye to a specific point.
  2. The rule of 3. As humans, we find things grouped in 3’s to be really pleasing to the eye. Keep that in mind as you’re arranging your larger flowers.
  3. Filler. Your larger, more vibrant plants and flowers will most likely serve as your focal point(s), but you can’t forget the filler! Filler helps to round out the arrangement, make it more visually interesting by adding various heights, and to be completely honest it helps hide the foam you’re sticking the plants into!
  4.  Nature is random. It can be difficult, but try not to make your arrangement too symmetrical. I know this sort of goes against the rule of 3, but remember that nature isn’t perfect or completely organized. A little random is good!
  5. Look at it from every angle. Keep in mind that depending on the type of container you’re using, or how you’re going to display it, your arrangement may be seen from every angle. This means you may want more than one focal point in different areas of the arrangement, and you may want several grouping of 3


You should totally give this try! It’s therapeutic and results in a pretty solid decor piece! #winwin


  1. Beth Beebe | 4th Apr 16

    Molly I love that display. Nice job.

  2. Preeti | 4th Apr 16

    love this! i’ve been wanting to try a floral arranging class!

    xoxo, Preeti

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