Friday Five 4.8.16

Hey, you! Long time no blog on my end. Okay, so it’s only been since Monday, but that’s longer than I like to go without posting something on here! Unfortunately, after months of escaping stomach bugs and flus, I fell victim to a pretty tenacious cold. I’m still recovering, and in that oh so attractive nose-running-like-a-faucet-hoarse-man-voice stage. Either way, I dragged myself out of bed long enough to compile this Friday Five, which I hope you enjoy! I also hope your week was healthier than mine, and that you have an amazing weekend! X’s and O’s!


Five Things on my Wish List

  1. This Louis Vuitton Palm Springs mini back pack
  2. This wallet to go inside the mini back pack (see how my mind works!? I lust after one thing and then I find 3 other things that I would need to go with it #dangerous)
  3. These too cute for words plates (Slay, Target! SLAYYYY)
  4. This too cute for words gold flatware set to go with the aforementioned plates (dinner party, anyone!?)
  5. This Wildfox Sweatshirt; ignore the price tag, it’s perfection! (You had me at chocolate binges) Oh, and THIS ONE would be perfect for fall!

Five YouTube Channels I’m Currently Binge Watching

  1. Jaclyn Hill (She is QUEEN! I watch and re-watch her videos! Need makeup application tips and product suggestions? Girl, she’s got you!)
  2. Alexandrea Garza (Amazing makeup suggestions/tutorials, and killer style instincts)
  3. Alexandrea Garza’s vlog channel (Pretty much a behind the scenes of her life with her hubby and puppy)
  4. IntheFrow (This girl. Holy flawless! Total fashionista, and total sweetheart!)
  5. Grav3yardgirl (Bunny has such an infectious personality and makes some of the most entertaining videos! You’re doing yourself a HUGE disservice if you don’t watch her “Does this thing really work!?” series #hilarious)

Five More Ted Talks You Should Check Out

  1. Adam Grant: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers
  2. Robert Waldinger: What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness
  3. Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong 
  4. Kathryn Schulz: Don’t Regret Regret 
  5. Danielle Feinberg: The Magic Ingredient that Brings Pixar Movies to Life

Five Mini Goals I’ve Set for Myself This Month 

  1. Drink More Water (This was actually a resolution I made back in January that I’ve struggled with the past couple of weeks)
  2. Try a new recipe (…try any recipe!)
  3. Go through my closet/clothing drawers; donate what I don’t want
  4. Be more positive toward myself 
  5. Take better care of my skin (This stems directly from the eye opening experience that was my first facial)