Gym Shoes in Public: 2 Athleisure Looks








Do you ever find yourself embracing trends you never thought you would? (Flash back to high school Molly who totally thought all around eye liner and studded belts were like, way fashionable *shudders*) I have to admit, the first time I found myself slipping on a pair of gym shoes, that weren’t my Converse, to head somewhere other than the gym I had to do a bit of a self evaluation. Like, on one hand I was all, Molly! Look at you! Branching out, breaking down personal fashion barriers, and other hand I was all, who am I and what am I doing!? Turns out I was  embracing the “athleisure” trend, that’s what!

Alright, you caught me, I didn’t really know it was a trend, and I definitely didn’t know the trend of wearing work out clothes and accessories outside of the gym had a name. I usually just referred to my new found love of wearing Nikes in public as “comfy chic”. That’s sort of what athleisure is, though. It’s a form of fashion all about the marriage of form and function, comfort and fashion. Athleisure is all about saying, Hey! It’s okay to wear those leggings and gym shoes and workout jackets outside of the gym!

How do I rock the athleisure trend? I usually make sure the color of my pants matches the color of my gym shoes so they sort of flow with one another, I wear a semi-casual top, and I make sure to pile on as much of my signature Molly bling as I see fit! I personally feel like a semi-casual top and fancy jewelry with loungewear sort of negates it’s longey (word? probably not!) feel.


Internationalist {white and tan Nikes; color combo unavailable, other options here}// Roshe Runs {black Nikes}// Cream purse {color unavailable, black option here}// Black purse// White ripped denim


Have you tried out this trend? If so, how do you rock it?


  1. andre lee | 6th Apr 16

    i love the black and white outfits i want some pictures please to hang up is that ok or not

  2. andre lee | 6th Apr 16

    you just look beautiful in those outfits they are my favorite combination

  3. andre lee | 7th Apr 16

    you sick tell that sickness to go and leave the princess alone and you right dont let it stop you overcome it

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