Olive Green Shirt Dress





Over this past year, olive has slowly been taking over my wardrobe. Don’t worry black and white! You’re still my ride or die color palette, but for some reason, I’ve been absolutely loving the color olive.  Maybe because it’s an alternative to your typical neutrals, or because I’m convinced it brings out the green in my eyes (no, but really…doesn’t it!?) Regardless of the reason why I’m suddenly falling head over heels for olive, when I saw this dress in Kohl’s I immediately gravitated toward it because OMG, olive!!! and OMG, sleeveless!!! (…and OMG, reasonable price!)

I have a long-sleeved olive colored dress that I love for fall, but I was worried about it being a little too warm to wear into spring and summer…problem solved thanks to this perfect, light weight, sleeveless option! The material is so breathable, and the drawstring at the waist makes it super flattering when you cinch it in and tie it up!

Just to give you an idea of how much I’m digging this easy, breezy summer dress, I’ve owned it for less than 2 weeks, and worn it 4 times #noshameinmygame I also found out when linking the dress below that it comes in multiple colors and patterns. All of a sudden, I have an itch to make a Kohl’s run!


Dress (Kohl’s, under $40!)//Shoes (Hinge)//Bag (Louis Vuitton Speedy 30)//Sunglasses (Ray-ban aviators)//Watch (Michael Kors)//Chain Link Bracelet (J. Crew)



  1. Taylor Brooke Hlebak | 27th Apr 16

    I love the olive dress truly looks good on you! I love the look and style. Kohls is my place too! I’m the entire time going ” like,like,love,like” lol. Love the sunglasses! So want a pair ! I have a feeling you will be my go to for a lot of things. You should do a blog on jewlery and nail polishes . Just a suggestion! 🙂

    ~ Taylor 🙂

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