Rocksbox Review


Subscription boxes are totally the hot new thing as of late! You can get a variety of things from snacks to shaving razors to makeup sent right to your door on a monthly basis…convenient, right!? Plus, it makes getting the mail so much more exciting.

I’m a little late to the party, because I just hopped on the subscription bandwagon in March, but I think I’m already hooked! #watchoutwallet Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry rental subscription that sends members 3 pieces of jewelry for just $19/month. That’s right! A rotating, high end jewelry collection sent straight to your doorstep every. single. month. Pretty amazing, right!? So how does it work?

Once you become a Rocksbox member, a “shine insider” to be exact #fancy, you browse the Rocksbox site and create a wish list. A personal stylist then refers to the list you created in order to curate a unique collection tailored to your taste. Then, the pieces are mailed (in super duper cute, personalized packaging I might add!) right to your doorstep with prepaid shipping both ways #score Your job? Simply to enjoy the pieces for as long or as little time as you’d like, until you’re ready to send them back and enjoy a new collection! That’s right! You can keep the jewelry as long as you want, months even, or  you could send your box back after only a weekend of wear if you’re ready for new pieces.

I know what you’re thinking, what if I don’t want to send them back!? Fear not! You always have the option to buy any  or all of the pieces in your Rocksbox, and at a discounted price!  Bonus: You also get $10 monthly shine spend which basically means each month you have a $10 credit to put toward a piece of jewelry you’d like to permanently add to your collection. I would like to stress however, that you’re able to buy any or all of the pieces in your box. In other words, you can’t shop the entire Rocksbox site, rather only the pieces that have been selected for you. Therefore, I would take the initiative to message your stylist if there is a piece you are particularly interested in having added to your box.



So, what did I get in my box!? Well, let me start by saying I was super impressed with the selection I received. Only one of the pieces is something I had on my wish list (the necklace), but it’s as if my stylist knew what other sorts of pieces I’d like based on that necklace and the rest of my wish list #mindreader

My 3 Pieces:

Kendra Scott Rayne necklace in black (Retail: $80, Rocksbox Price: $64)
Wanderlust + Co Heartbeat Crystal gold ring (Retail: $40, Rocksbox Price: $32)
Sophie Harper Pave Ball Studs in gold (Retail: $39, Rocksbox Price: $31)

I loved that I got a necklace, earrings, and a ring…almost like an unofficial mix and match set! I absolutely adore each and every piece I was sent and I’ve already worn them all! I can’t wait to see what I’ll get in my next Rocksbox…of course that requires me to muster up the strength to send this box back! (…or maybe I’ll just buy it all!)


I’d love for you to experience Rocksbox and become a Shine Insider! Want your first month FREE!? Use the following code at checkout: seemollyblogxoxo



  1. Beth Beebe | 21st Apr 16

    Buy it all.

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