Anything Goes: Dinner and a Show






Friday night I got dressed up, and had places to go! As much as I love lazy Friday nights that consist of lying around in a pair of my boyfriend’s sweat pants, hair tossed up in the messiest of buns, aimlessly trying not to miss my mouth with a handful of cheesy popcorn, I do occasionally like to go out. Okay, okay, let’s be real… I absolutely adore having a reason to get dressed up.


Reason for getting dressed up this past Friday? Dinner and a musical. A local theater was performing Anything Goes ,which is hands down a favorite of me and my mom, so of course we had to go! Plus, the theater is in a super picturesque part of town with this beyond amazing view of the city. (I feel like I’m noticing these things more and more ever since I’ve started blogging…there’s a cool wall?! A great view of the city? YESSSS!)


Pictures with said view behind me were not very successful, however. I blame my least favorite element: wind. I did end up with one decent shot and a lot of laughs though, and that’s almost better than a slew of blog worthy pictures. I mean, look at these gems!


Okay, not bad. WERK THAT WIND! And then…




Skirt// Crop Top// Lace Bralette// Heels// Watch// Bracelet// Lip Color


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