Custom Navy Dress with eShakti


I’ll be the first to admit that while I love fashion and shopping for new wardrobe pieces, I find the whole process very, very frustrating at times. All too often I find a piece that I love on the hanger, but when I put it on my body…it’s just not quite right. The length is a smidge too long, or the neckline isn’t quite as flattering as it could be, and I’m left empty-handed. How great would it be if you could pick a clothing piece, and tailor it just the way you want? Thanks to eShakti, you can do just that.

eShakti is a clothing website with original designs that you can shop and completely customize. Everything from the length to whether or not the piece has pockets is up to you! When eShakti reached out to me, I couldn’t resist. What girl wouldn’t want a custom piece made just for them!? #cinderellatreatment They allowed me to pick one piece from their site, and the Marilyn dress immediately caught my eye.



Now, while the dress was almost perfect, it wasn’t quite there…but almost! Originally, the dress was shown with cap sleeves, and I prefer a sleeveless style. I also wanted to make  the neckline a deep V. I thought a deeper neckline would be a subtle, sexy touch to what is otherwise a pretty sweet and modest dress.

Once I had decided on all the visual elements, I was able to custom size the dress. You can provide completely custom measurements, or pick from the site’s standard sizes. I did a bit of both. I wanted to provide my height so the above the knee-length was indeed above my knees (that means something very different for someone 5’3″ than it does for someone 5’8″) I did however, go with a standard XS, as the measurements that correlated to this size pretty perfectly matched my own. In the end, this is what my order looked like:

Special Instructions:

  • Height: 5.3
  • Standard Size: XS-2

Custom Styling:

  • Neckline: Wide V
  • Sleeve Type: Sleeveless
  • Tunic Length: As Shown

I’m guessing you’re wondering, much as I was, how long it will take to get your order. After all, a customized piece has to take a long time to receive, right? Wrong. I received my dress less than a month after placing my order, and eShakti was wonderful about keeping me updated on the progress of my order via email.

So, what are you waiting for!? Sign up for eShakti now, and get $30 off. Also, be sure to check out eShakti at their website, Facebook, and Instagram.





Many, many thanks to eShakti for providing me with the dress in this post. As always, all opinions are my own.



  1. Beth Beebe | 15th Jun 16

    Molly I checked this website out. This is fantastic. I am definitely planning on ordering a top or long dress. The clothes are so chic.

    • seemollyblog | 15th Jun 16

      Isn’t it super cute!? I’m so glad you found some stuff that you like!

  2. Tabitha | 18th Jul 16

    Looks like a really comfy dress!

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