Fashionable Phone Protection with OtterBox


My phone is one of those things that I feel absolutely lost without. That’s sort of a pathetic thing to admit, but I use it for so many things-checking email, taking pictures, social media, actual phone things like making calls…the list is endless! That being said, I want to make sure nothing happens to it. Here’s looking at you, protective cases.

Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you; I used to be super turned off by OtterBox cases. They just seemed so bulky, and frankly, not cute. Obviously the level of protection a case is providing should rank higher than how cute it is, but I never understood why the visual appeal had to be so completely compromised.

Not anymore.

OtterBox has completely revamped their cases, and I am smitten. I actually stumbled upon their new designs browsing through suggested posts on my Instagram. A clear case, super trendy and sort of avant garde popped up and I immediately scanned the hashtags to see where it was from. To my surprise, it was an OtterBox Symmetry case. Super chic, and thin, with the same level protection customers have come to expect from OtterBox.


Call it fate, but after falling in love with OtterBox’s new lines of cases, the company reached out to me and asked if I would like to be an ambassador. I immediately accepted, and while they did provide me with the cases in this post, they did not require me to write this review. I have genuinely enjoyed my cases so much, that I wanted to spread the word about OtterBox’s fun and fashionable phone protection options!

Be sure to check out their site, which has so many different case options for various phone types including iPhone, Galaxy, and Droid. Otterbox also offers cases of various functionality to suit any users needs.


Green Floral// Pink Floral// Clear and Gold


OtterBox was kind enough to give me a discount for my followers! Simply enter “OtterBoxAmbassador” on the checkout page to receive 15% off your purchase, and FREE domestic shipping!



  1. Teddy V | 6th Jun 16

    Assuming they’ve made cases for the iPhone SE, I’ll have to get my mom to purchase a molly-approved case 😉

    • mollydolly2291 | 6th Jun 16

      They actually have made cases for the SE!

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