Friday Five 6.3.16


Five Things on My Wish List

  1. A laptop. I have myself convinced that if I had a laptop, I would be at least 15x more productive than I am now. For one, I could take it with me and work in different spaces, which is huge. I’m definitely one of those people who gets boost of energy/productivity just based on my surroundings.
  2. A new camera lens. I can’t say I know a whole ton about photography just yet, but I’d love a new lens in order to practice getting different sorts of images. Suggestions on what type are welcome!
  3. Anthropologie Celestial Coaster Set. Lately I have been on such a decorating kick! Finding home accents exciting = adult life, am I right? Seriously, though, how cute are these coasters!? Plus, they come in a TON of colors. Go get you some, and pick up a couple extra for gifts as well!
  4. A new mouse pad. Confession: I realized this would be a good thing to add to my wish list when I looked down and saw how filthy my current one is…gross. How cute is this gold one from Etsy!?
  5. Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace. I have an obsession with Stella and Dot jewelry as of late, and I’ve been eyeing this versatile necklace for awhile now!

Five Goals I Have for the Month of June 

  1. Find a podcast, or a couple, to listen to on the daily (I think this would be a nice alternative to music)
  2. Finish all the seasons of New Girl on Netflix
  3. Unplug for 2-3 straight hours every day (I’m really working on living in the moment, and outside the world of social media)
  4. Set aside time for a date with my mom and sister (…and combine this with #3 so I’m not distracted by my phone!)
  5. Attend at least 3 classes at my gym (I feel like this has been a goal for awhile, but this month…it’s ON!)

Five Instagrams Giving Me Major Fashion Inspo

  1. Megan Runion’s white denim and OOTS top
  2. Alex Garza’s boho chic dress, boots, and hat combo
  3. Katey McFarlan’s flatforms and floral dress
  4. Katlyn Maupin’s gorgeous maxi skirt and crop top
  5. Brighton Keller’s sweet midi dress