How I Plan and Stay Organized


Out of all the adjectives people could use to describe me, I’d venture to say “spontaneous” is not one of them. I am a super goal-oriented-list-dependent-plan-aheader. There’s a part of me that wishes I could just do things on a whim, or procrastinate from time to time, but I’ve learned that thorough planning and working ahead makes me feel less anxious and better prepared. Bottom line: I function better when I’m overly organized and know what to expect.

In order to stay organized and properly plan out the various facets of my life, I depend highly on agendas. Yes, agendas…plural. I have one larger planner that I keep on my desk at home, and a smaller, more portable one, that I can carry around with me. I know this seems excessive, but its the system that works for me.

I know what some of you are thinking, Welcome to 2016, Molly! We have cell phone calendars, now. Trust me, I tried exclusively using a calendar app on my phone, but I quickly realized that wiring things down, the action of putting pen to paper, is something I couldn’t completely give up. Physically writing things down helps me to better remember them as opposed to just typing important things into an app. That being said, I do use a calendar app (iCalendar) on my phone in addition to my two agendas.


Larger Agenda// Small Agenda (Both under $10! Praise you, Target)


Now that you know what I use to stay organized, I’ll walk you through the process of how I stay organized.

  • Color coding: Color coding is HUGE for me. I write down everything I need to do/remember, and then I highlight it according to whether it’s work related, bill related, an important date (birthday/anniversary), or personal life/fun. I find this super helpful because with a quick glance, I can get a feel for my week/month
  • Repetition: I mentioned earlier that I use 2 different planners, each a different size. This means I can keep one with me, and leave one at home which is super helpful, because the more places I have things written down, the least likely I am to forget what I have going on. (I also have an app on my phone in case I need to quickly reference my work schedule or add something to my schedule last minute) I’m notorious for having that sneaking feeling that I have something going on, but not knowing exactly what it is.
  • Consistency:  An agenda is only useful if it’s actually updated with everything you have going on. I get my work schedule in 6 weeks chunks, so I make sure to update my agendas as soon as I have my schedule. I also make sure to set aside time at least once a week to add all my other planned activities (dinners, parties, weddings, etc.) into my agenda as well.






  1. Janice Villar | 24th Jun 16

    I also write things down on a calendar/in a planner; the action of writing Imbeds the event/task in my mind. I’m tickled that someone under the age of 30 actually uses a planner-I don’t feel so obsolete! Why haven’t your good habits rubbed off on Ted?!

    • seemollyblog | 24th Jun 16

      I’m the exact same! I have to write things down. I’ve offered to buy him an agenda and fill it out, and he still claims he’d never look at it. We will have to work on him!

  2. Stephanie Dallalio | 5th Jul 16

    I adopted your method and feel better already! I agree with you, if I don’t write something down, it just won’t stick. I had been using my phone and was still forgetting everything. Seeing it written down helps so much! Thanks again for another dose of FABULOUS!

    • seemollyblog | 5th Jul 16

      Yay! I’m so glad you found this post helpful! I think writing things down is so, so much better…plus, who doesn’t love an excuse to buy a cute planner!? xoxo

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