Summer Sweater









“Summer sweater” sounds like some sort of oxymoron, but I assure you it’s totally a thing! Or, at least it is in my wardrobe. Allow me to explain. A “summer sweater” is a lighter sweater, sometimes backless, like in this particular case, that is perfect for those summer nights that cool off, and bring those amazing aromatic breezes and fireflies and you know, the stuff by which poetry is inspired. That’s a summer sweater.

Express happens to make some of the best summer sweaters, and some are sexy! I know, “sexy sweater” seems a lot like another oxymoron. But let’s re-visit that whole backless thing I mentioned above. With the right undergarments, totally sexy.

 I picked up this sweater in 2 colors, a grey and an oatmeal, and I’ve been really partial to the oatmeal colored one. Like, outfit-repeated-several-times-wear-it-like-it’s my-job partial. I love pairing it with denim shorts like I did here, or a pair of black leggings if I’m taking the lazy look to another level of please-tell-me-this-outfit-is-fooling-you-into-thinking-I’m-getting-anything-accomplished-today. Honestly though, the details of the lace bralette make this look a little less lazy and a lot more interesting.

In conclusion, at under 30 bucks I suggest you snag one, or two of these sweaters for those chilly summer nights!


Sweater// Lace Bralette// Denim Shorts// Sandals// Purse// Poof Keychain


Images thanks to my good friend, Courtney Kramer, of Woodlander’s Photography