Disneyland Bucket List

“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy” -Walt Disney


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I’m sure the title of this post sort of gives it away, but…I’m going to Disneyland! *cue happy dance* I’ve been to Disney World in Florida several times now, but never the original park in California and I couldn’t be more excited! Although the trip is just around the corner, I leave next week, I’ve been searching the Disneyland site, reading various blogs, and planning for months now.

While I was planning, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things I really want to experience, do, see, and eat while in Disneyland. Furthermore, I thought it would be equally fun to write a follow up post documenting all the things on the list I was able to complete…hopefully it’s all of them! So, without further Molly rambling, here it is! My Disneyland Bucket List:

  • Get a “1st Visit” button
  • Get a “Just Engaged” button (So over the moon to need one of these!)
  • Eat a corn dog
  • Eat a churro
  • Eat a Mickey pretzel
  • Eat a dole whip (calories don’t count in Disney!)
  • Press at least 5 pennies
  • Make a wish at Snow White’s wishing well
  • Be the rebel spy
  • Get a picture with Ted kissing Ted in front of the castle
  • Buy Mickey ears (classic black) and get my name embroidered on them
  • Ride Space Mountain in the front seat
  • Watch World of Color
  • Watch the Paint the Night parade
  • Meet Belle
  • Order a drink at the Cove Bar

That’s what I’ve got…so far! If you have any suggestions for Disneyland must-do’s please, please comment down below! Have a magical day!


  1. Beth Beebe | 19th Aug 16

    Have a Magical Trip!

  2. Christina Braccia | 31st Aug 16

    Ah I’ve never been to any Disney Park- I am so jealous! Have a blast!!

    Xo, Christina

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