Hometown Love with Clothe Ohio




As I’m writing this post, I’m jamming out to Andy Grammar’s Back Home…

(Hey!) lala da da da-da da-da
lala da da da-da da-da doe
(Hey!) and no matter where we go
We always find our way back home

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, so you can guess that this place means a lot to me. No matter how far I travel, or how exotic the destination, there’s nothing like returning to the familiarity of my city. I always find my way back home.

Cincinnati is home, and home is the smell of my dad’s cigars, family gatherings, where I grew up, when I fell in love, home cooked meals, countless memories and so you can imagine I’m pretty proud to represent this place, especially with clothing!

Clothe Ohio reached out and offered to send Ted and me some of their products, and I immediately went to the website’s section of Cincinnati specific attire. Clothe Ohio has an expansive selection of clothing including tees, tanks, and sweatshirts, and also an expansive range of designs.

The thing I love most about Clothe Ohio, is that it’s a company that gives back.  Every item purchased is an item donated, and the company has donated over 8,000 items of clothing to Ohioans in need. How awesome to be a part of something like that, right!?


Her Nati Shirt// Her Cincy Sweatshirt (unavailable, similar style HERE and HERE)// His Ohio Tank



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