My Engagement Story


I promised you a more in-depth account of my engagement experience to supplement my initial engagement announcement post, and as a woman of my word here it is!

To be honest, my head is still in the clouds, and my feet have yet to touch the floor. I’ve never felt this happy. I’m not even sure happy is the right word. It’s better than happy, it’s like, emotionally indestructible! Something about being engaged has just made everything better. I have to work 3 night shifts in a row? No problem! I’m engaged! My carry-out order is missing some food? *glances at ring* Oh, well! We all make mistakes!

People keep asking if I was surprised, or if I expected it, and I’m never totally sure how to answer. Ted and I had talked about marriage pretty early on in our relationship, but even discussing it with one another on a regular basis didn’t prepare me for the emotional whirlwind that was the morning of July 20th. Allow me to set the scene:

It was 9AM. Ted and I had been up since 5:30AM because my friend Courtney, who is a real sport, offered to take pictures not only for my blog, but also for my two-year anniversary of dating Ted. Oh, and we had been up at 5:30AM because Ted decided, per Courtney’s advice, that sunrise would have the best lighting. (Note: Post engagement I realized how weird some of Ted’s actions were, but for some reason, in the moment I just went with the flow. Ted voluntarily getting up at 5:30AM for pictures? RED FLAG, Molly! Something is going on!)

We had just returned to George Rogers Clark Park for a second time that morning, because Ted was forced to drive back home after he realized he had grabbed the wrong backpack. The backpack he grabbed hastily that morning was not the one he had packed with his clothes for our anniversary shoot (and the ring, I would later find out), rather it was his work backpack. (I didn’t think too much of this because keep in mind, we got up early and weren’t fully functioning just yet, and since we were taking blog photos, each of us had multiple changes of clothes. Also, I’m not one to judge anyone for forgetting things since I would forget my own head if it weren’t attached to my shoulders!)

So, blog photos were finished and I was in the backseat of Ted’s car, which was parked just a ways up the street from the water’s edge and an amazing view of the Cincinnati skyline.  I was in the car because I needed to discreetly change from the scrubs I modeled for this blog post, into a dress. (Okay, so it wasn’t very discreet. I’m pretty sure I flashed what my mama gave me to a gentleman walking his dog, but you know, blogging hazards!) Courtney and Ted were patiently waiting for me with their backs turned, facing the river and the Cincinnati skyline which seemed to rise seamlessly from it. They seemed deep in conversation, but I didn’t think anything of it. I mean, I guess I thought a little something of it because I tend to over think, but I didn’t think “OHMYGAWD!  They’re testing the lighting! They’re coming up with code words! IMPENDING ENGAGEMENT THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” (They were in fact, doing all of the above)

Once I’d successfully shed my scrubs after what seemed like hours of tugging and awkward yoga poses, I slipped into my dress, buckled my heels, and headed toward Ted and Courtney.  (I’m going to tell you what happened next because I believe in honesy and the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and all that good stuff)

My hands were full of phone and keys, and I didn’t want them in our pictures, so I walked in front of Ted to set them at the base of a nearby tree. While I was bending down, I noticed his hand in his pocket, holding something…a box? A BOX!? No, not a box, Molly. Yes, OHMYGAWD totally a box! Breathe. You didn’t see anything. Yes, I did see. What if it’s not a ring box and now you’re all excited for nothing? Oh, Ted’s shoes untied.

So, I’m was on the ground, tying Ted’s shoe, trying to wrangle my thoughts and not completely hyperventilate, when I gained enough composure to stand up, and plant myself next to him for pictures. Courtney tested the lighting, she asked us to smile, we were standing side by side, and Ted had his arm around my waist. “Molly?” My name cut through my racing thoughts like a sword, and I was startled. I’d completely zoned out, and Courtney had noticed. She knew I had seen something. Or did she? She just continued on. “Are there any poses you two would like to try?” I didn’t answer. I was positive if I tried nothing would come out.

Ted took the lead. “How about we try the one where…”, he grabbed my shoulders and positioned me in front of him and he began to slowly to dip down to the ground and he reached for the mysterious object in his pocket…”you stand there, I get down on one knee and…” the rest of his words were sort of lost on me, (something about spending my life with him I think) because at that point he’d opened what turned out to indeed be a ring box, and I immediately started ugly crying, and my thoughts moved a mile a minute. “This is actually happening. I love him! Did I even look at the ring yet? I’m sure it’s gorgeous…YES! GORGEOUS! Have I said yes? My makeup is running. I’m engaged! Will you see my makeup running in pictures? Awwww! Pictures! Did he plan this? He totally planned this”

 I threw my arms around Ted and cried for a solid minute or two before even putting the ring on my finger and giving Ted a proper and confident, “Yes, I’ll marry you!” (Before that I tried to explain that my ugly crying and snotting all over the place was a yes, I’m not sure that was very comforting haha)

And then the real shoot began. The whole day was a set up. Ted, you sly dog.









Ted, I love you more than I can put into words. I cherish all the memories we’ve made up to this point, and look so very forward to the new ones we will make in the future. I can’t wait to marry you!


A very special thank you to my dear friend Courtney of Woodlander’s Photography for capturing the happiest moment of my life


  1. Teddy V | 8th Aug 16

    To be honest…courtney and I were also playing Pokémon Go while waiting for you to change clothes #priorities #gottacatchemall

    • seemollyblog | 8th Aug 16

      Haha oh yeah, I forgot to mention that!

  2. Tabitha | 8th Aug 16

    How sweet! Congrats on the engagement!

    • seemollyblog | 8th Aug 16

      Thank you so much! I’m so, so excited!

  3. Courtney | 8th Aug 16

    Haha I love Ted’s comment! Thank goodness for Pokemon Go or I would have been much more nervous!

    • seemollyblog | 8th Aug 16

      Haha well you did a great job and I couldn’t tell you were nervous at all!!

  4. Janice Villari | 8th Aug 16

    Such an exciting, memorable engagement!So happy for both of you?

    • seemollyblog | 8th Aug 16

      Thank you so much, Janice! I’m excited and blessed to be a future part of your family!

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