Disneyland Photo Diary and Bucket List Update


It’s no secret that I’m a Disney lover, so last week was definitely a dream come true. I visited Disneyland for the very first time, and oh my goodness…magic overload! I had been to Disney World several times, and was honestly sort of worried Disneyland may not compare because it is a lot smaller. Well, shame on me for thinking such an idiotic thing! Disneyland immediately stole my heart, and I can’t wait to make it back…hopefully soon!

Now, I posted this Disneyland bucket list before heading out to California, and as I’m looking over it to see how I did, I’m realizing I definitely missed quite a few things. That being said, I also did and saw a lot of things I wasn’t planning on, so it sort of balanced out!

Bucket List Results:

  • Get a “1st Visit” Button
  • Get a “Just Engaged” button (Now they’re “Happily Ever After” buttons)
  • Eat a corn dog
  • Eat a churro
  • Eat a Mickey pretzel
  • Eat a Dole whip  (I had a major food FAIL, and didn’t eat a lot of the treats I meant to…but I DID get a dole whip. Twice.
  • Press at least 5 pennies  (I pressed 2…but at least I remembered the coins this trip!)
  • Make a wish at Snow White’s wishing well
  • Be the rebel spy
  • Get a picture kissing Ted in front of the castle
  • Buy Mickey ears (classic black) and get my name embroidered on them
  • Ride Space Mountain in the front seat (I rode SPLASH mountain in the front seat…I’m counting it! haha)
  • Watch World of Color
  • Watch the Paint the Night Parade  (I also watched Soundsational!)
  • Meet Belle   (I met Gaston and he made Ted write me a love letter…sorry, Belle. This was better!)
  • Order a drink at the Cove Bar


 So, yes, I sort of failed in the bucket list department, and as I was editing pictures for this post I realized I failed a bit in the photo department as well. I think part of the reason is because when I’m in a new place for the first time, I like to experience it for myself and not strictly through a camera lens. Honestly, I was so busy enjoying myself and exploring with my family and with Ted, that I didn’t document as much as I would have liked, but no regrets! We had an amazing time. I rode rides that I never thought I’d be brave enough to even stand in line for (I’m looking at you, California Screamin’!), laughed so hard I cried, and I was reminded of what’s really important.

All too often life gets hectic and we get stressed, and we  let that stress consume us and all of a sudden our lives are dictated by deadlines and meetings and we forget to just sit back and smile at all the blessings in our life. This vacation definitely helped me to put things back into perspective, and even though I’m going to miss it, it also gave me the energy boost I needed to face life and work back home with confidence.

Disneyland is truly a place where dreams come true, and being there reminded me to chase mine with a fierce tenacity, and to never give up. I encourage you to do the same. Chase your dreams unapologetically, and never, ever give up on something that you’re passionate about.













  1. Janice Villari | 2nd Sep 16

    LOVE the Diamond Celebration picture-clever! Beautiful photos! I’m glad all of you had a wonderful, life renewing trip.

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