Happy 1st Blog Birthday


I think you have already guessed by the title of this post that today See Molly Blog turns one year old! This is such a proud mama moment for me.

Starting a blog was always something I wanted to try, but was too afraid to actually do. On September 22, 2015 I convinced myself to publish my first post, and I couldn’t be happier about that decision. My blog has taught me so much not just about the process, but also about myself. It has given me the creative outlet I need to escape stress, and afforded me opportunities to meet other local bloggers, which is super sweet icing on the cake.

I may not be exactly where I want to be as far as consistency of my posts, quality of my pictures, or number of followers, but I think that’s the beauty of this personal blogging journey for me-that it’s not perfect. All too often I hold myself back because I’m worried I won’t be the best, and the sad part is then I never experience that particular thing or opportunity at all. See Molly Blog is a manifestation of my decision to say yes to things that I’ve always wanted to try, regardless of if they scare me and regardless of if I’ll be the best at them.

It’s been an entire year, and I think I’ve grown and changed a lot as a blogger, and I thank you for following me on this journey. Whether you were following along since my first post (here’s looking at you Mom, Bridget, and Ted!), or you’ve just discovered me this week, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking some time out of your day to visit my little corner of the internet. I kindly encourage you to continue to follow along, because I think year 2 is going to be even better than the first!

Oh, and remember to never stop chasing your dreams full force. You got this.






  1. Janice Villari | 22nd Sep 16

    Well done, Molly! You’re an inspiration.

    • seemollyblog | 22nd Sep 16

      Thank you, Janice! You’re too sweet, and your support means the world!

  2. Beth Beebe | 22nd Sep 16

    Congratulations. I enjoy it tremendously.

    • seemollyblog | 22nd Sep 16

      Thank you, Beth! I’m so glad 🙂

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