Monthly Favorites: August 2016

Here I go again! I’m attempting to start (and stick to) a monthly blog series. Part of me is like…Molly, stop trying to make weekly/monthly posts on your blog happen. You’ll probably be about as successful as Gretchen was with the whole “fetch” thing, but I’m not giving up! I think I’ve finally found a series I can manage: Monthly Favorites.

My weekly Friday Five series often seemed thrown together, and like a cop out for me to just get some sort of post up, and that’s not what I want See Molly Blog to be about. I want my posts to be a bit more thought out than that, and I want to be passionate them. That’s why  I think monthly favorites posts will work out- I’m definitely passionate about spreading the love about products that have worked for me. So, here it goes! My first monthly favorites post…here’s hoping it’s not my last haha




August Favorites: 2016

  • Topshop Moto Leigh Jeans: Comfortable, flattering, reasonably priced. YASSSS! (NOTE: I typically HATE jeans…shopping for them, wearing them, etc. So just know that the fact I own two pairs means something!)
  • Tory Burch Miller Sandals: Cost per wear makes these TOTALLY worth it. They give you the comfort and ease of flip flops, but with a bit more formal flair.
  • Socialite Cross Front T-Shirt Dress: I own this in 2 colors and want 3 more. Trust me, you need it.
  • Nars Madly Blush: I was running low on my Hourglass Mood Exposure and re-discovered this gem. It’s the perfect natural, cheek defining shade.
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn: I’m a snacker, and this stuff is satisfying without the guilt! (I may or may not be eating a bag right now…)