Socialite Criss Cross Dress


I’m BBBAAAACCCCKKKK! If your first thought was, “Where were you, anyways?” allow me to fill in the blanks! I went on a much needed week vacation to California! I had never been, and oh my goodness it was an instant love affair! (Okay, so maybe not so much with Los Angeles, but definitely with Orange County, Disneyland, and San Diego!)

It was so nice to have a break from work, and the usual day to day routine. I was able to trade in getting ready for work for hotel breakfast and lounging by the pool, and turning in early for late night dinners, and amusement park adventures.

Of course, I also found a little time to go shopping on this trip, because evidently even an entire suitcase and a carry-on bag didn’t offer me enough variety in the wardrobe department for my liking. I found a Nordstrom, disappeared for a couple hours amongst the endless racks, and emerged victorious with 2 dresses, 3 tops, and a new pair of jeans.

The dress in this post, which I bought in 2 colors, is definitely one of my favorite vacation scores. It is so comfortable, seriously the softest cotton ever, and so versatile. I wore it with wedges and flip flops, and it played the parts of dressed up and casual very well. Hanging up it really does look like any other casual cotton dress, but something about the cut and the criss cross detailing at the neck make it a bit more special. Oh, and at under $45, the price is right, too!


Dress// Sunnies// Bracelet// Watch// Tote// Wedges






  1. Janice Villari | 1st Sep 16

    What a beautiful look! Welcome back!

    • seemollyblog | 2nd Sep 16

      Thank you so much! We will have to get together to exchange vacation stories!

  2. Beth Beebe | 27th Sep 16

    I love your hair dark too it really accents your beautiful face.

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