Wedding Wednesdays: Wedding Planning Tips I’ve Learned So Far


I know what you’re thinking…Molly, you just got engaged, like yesterday! (In my defense it was over a month ago) But I’m a planner, and I’ve already got a lot of my main wedding details squared away. Honestly, even if you’re not the biggest planner, there’s a lot of pressure to get your venue and certain vendors booked rather early on in the wedding planning process. Luckily, I’ve had lots of support, and I feel like I’m in a pretty good place right now. The planning process has been overall really enjoyable for me, but there has definitely been a few small bumps in the road, and times where I felt I could have been a little more prepared.

Those times inspired this post, and the idea for an entire wedding series! Welcome to Wedding Wednesday! I want to take you all along on my wedding planning journey and give you tips along the way. This post is going to cover the planning tips I’ve learned so far, but stay tuned for other posts that will hopefully give you ideas and inspiration for your big day! #seemollywed


5 Planning Tips I’ve Learned So Far:

  • Know Your Count: The first thing any vendor is going to ask is, “How many guests are you expecting” and even if you are confident in your answer, they will ask if that number is the amount of people invited or actually attending. I often got flustered at first and didn’t know the difference. (I’ve quickly learned that out of the people you’re inviting, about 85% will actually attend) Obviously, the number of guests actually attending can be a little difficult to know in the beginning, so just make sure you have a solid idea of how many you are inviting, because it really impacts the planning process. A guest list of 250 is going to have needs vastly different from a guest list of 125. It even impacts things you may not have realized. I didn’t think the florist would care about my count, but the I realized the number of guests determines the number of tables at the reception and therefore, the number of centerpieces needed. So, just know your count haha


  • Decide What’s Most Important: In short, prioritize. What vendors/details do you want to spend the most on? Are you wanting killer flowers and a DJ that keeps the party going all night long, or could you care less about flowers and instead want to focus on the meal and your fabulous gown? Knowing what’s most important will help you guide your decision making process and to set a budget…which is actually my next tip!


  • Set a Budget: A budget is super important, and is sort of an equation of what you’re willing to spend and how much your families are going to chip in. Try and get a clear idea of who is paying for what and how much early on in the process. Again, this just helps in choosing certain vendors, and prevents you from falling in love with the $10,000 dress you probably should have never tried on. No matter your budget, don’t sweat it! You can and will have the wedding of your dreams! Vendors are more than willing to work with whatever price point you have set, they just have to know what it is. (Also, keep in mind that the cost of various services will be split up into smaller payment installments due over several months-so don’t freak out too much when you realize the venue is several thousands of dollars to book! More than likely, you will owe a down payment, and nothing else for a good 6 months or so)


  • Tap into Your Resources: Don’t be afraid to contact friends who recently got married to pick their brains about the planning process. Also, don’t be afraid to take it a step further and ask about specific details of their big day. Did you really like someone’s cake? Let them know you thought it was delicious, super well done, and were wondering if you could ask for the bakery’s contact information. I was super nervous that people would think I was being tacky, or trying to copy their wedding day if I asked these sorts of questions, but I quickly found out that most people take these sorts of questions as a compliment and are more than happy to volunteer the information. Heck, I even got unsolicited text messages from people telling me to check out certain vendors that they loved! Another way to tap into your resources, is to assess what sorts of services your friends and family may be able to provide. Do you have a DJ in the family, or a friend who could sing at your ceremony?


  • Compare: Never feel pressured to go with the first anything. Vendors often send drafts of contracts after you contact them expressing interest or after a first meeting, but you are under no obligation to book the first photographer you meet with, or to buy the first cake you test. Compare prices, options, and reviews. Your wedding day is such a huge event in your life, and you want it to be perfect. You’re not offending anyone if you go another direction. Ultimately all your vendors will have some sort of relationship with you and you with them, so it’s not benefitting either party if you’re apprehensive or unhappy with your decisions. (Disclaimer: There are times where things will just click, and you won’t feel the need to compare. That’s how I felt about our photographer, and that’s okay, too!)


  • BONUS TIP: HAVE FUN!!! Sure things can get a little stressful, but this is one of the most amazing, and happiest times in your life. Don’t let it rush by you while you sit in a corner balled up, rocking back and forth. Everything will work out!


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